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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Luis Carlos Reyes - update

As a follow up to the blog entry about Luis and his doings: I forgot to note one thing; Luis could have chosen any path he wanted to in the design world, his ability and vision are astounding, his manner defines professionalism and kindness - the exploitation of those talents were there to use for his own ends - instead, well... this is what he wrote to me (I hope he doesn't mind that I've shared):

"The school is a one man show, the idea is to have locals understand how hard it is to throw and build with clay. Most clients receive an invite, and eventually they realize all the process involved in the making of their commissions. The research was done with great results, it happens to be that piece of earth i call home is huge in minerals for pottery making. Obviously research never ends, Its been one year now. Right now, I moved the kiln closer to the city (Bucaramanga). The new site is pretty big, I have lots of work space, and share the site with a couple of designers and a photographer. The main house was transformed into a gallery. In order to create some conscience in design, I am working in a series of sculptures, pics coming soon, that will be displayed in our space. Just like with the ceramic school, I am trying to have the locals understand what was taught at Pratt, the profound side of design."

Thursday, May 22, 2014

kimberly Lewis 2014

Kimberly Lewis  (- check out her website - http://www.kimberlylewishome.com/  ) has (still) been very very busy; I promised her a blog spot before getting sidetracked and can't even begin to figure out a good place to begin, so from Kimberly's site, I think a snap of her client list is a good place to begin for what's new:

And then
from March 5 - 2014:

I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I have been counting down the days/minutes until I could announce! The newest issue of Rue Magazine went live yesterday and Kimberly Lewis Home is gracing its Color Issue!
This feature means so much to me! It felt like yesterday (it was actually Feb 2011) that I attended the Rue Issue 3 party here in NYC. At the time I hadn’t even officially launched my business yet. All I had was a business card with a website that led to a few teaser photos and a twitter account that maybe 20 people followed me on, But I didn’t care! I was planning on launching my business that May and wanted to meet other design industry professionals who were doing their own thing. I remember going to the event alone that night being so nervous, I wasn’t sure if I should introduce myself as a package designer in the beauty industry which was what I was doing at the time or say I was a wallpaper designer. I can’t remember what I decided on but in the end I ended up meeting and chatting with so many people like Roxy of Society Social who is now a friend and was launching her business that summer as well! Small world! I left the event so pumped up with energy and excited about my business and what was on the horizon!
It was a dream to work with the Rue Crew and finally be part of the magazine! I felt like it was a benchmark for my business from how far I’ve come thinking back on that party. Crystal, Kat, and Emily pulled everything together super quick and I am seriously amazed! I put together a little video of some behind the scenes action of the shoot that took place in my Brooklyn apartment / office. I am a super fan of Emily’s work and when Crystal emailed me that she would be coming to my place I was honestly a bit nervous. I felt like I had some big shoes to fill but everything came together and I am so pleased with the entire article.  Emily has an absolutely amazing eye and the photographs turned out stunning! I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her!

Kimberly has had a remarkably adventurous career to date and it shows on her face and in the love she puts into her work and website. I look forward to getting some more first hand takes on how she is enjoying the business end of her design career! Best to you Kimberly!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Luis Carlos Reyes - Lcrva.com

Luis Carlos Reyes has been working in Columbia, doing research on the properties of local raw earthenware materials, developing new methods to use and new formulations of those materials for locally based commercial application and artistic expression.
an earlier blog entry traced his history, education and developing passion for this work, (see image below)

And you can see the blossom of his efforts, described in 2 parts below, taken from his website: Lcrva. See link below.
This is what Pratt is about. This is what sharing vision is about. This is what design is about.
Luis, you done a beautiful thing by taking such far reaching leaps across the world to bring your vision home. Good man.


lcrva, es una recopilación de artes visuales.
Su filosofía es encontrar un balance en la creación estética libre de formas superfluas, manteniendo la resonancia de sus elementos con nuestra percepción de la realidad. Nace de una crítica a algunos medios de expresión que viajan a ritmos acelerados en un afán por sobrecargarlo todo, cerrando la posibilidad de contemplar la majestuosidad del silencio. Disecta las ideas y principios de diseño a su conceptos básicos, en un intento por obtener autenticidad.
Su meta es poder dar a conocer la importancia del arte en la vida cotidiana y generar una conciencia del lazo tan profundo que existe entre ella y nuestras vidas, lazo que muchas veces suele pasar desapercibido.
Gracias por su interés en la obra, espero les agrade
“El objetivo final de toda obra realizada es la coordinación de todas las fuerzas que razonan vida para promover la armoniosa formación de nuestra sociedad”
Hannes Meyer director Bauhaus Universitat – 1928 – 1930

El Gres del Pato y la Cruz

“De todas las artes de la humanidad, la cerámica es la que está más íntimamente relacionada con la tierra, el agua, el aire y el fuego – esos elementos que los ancestros consideraban los esenciales de nuestro mundo”

Daniel Rhodes
Alfred, New York, 1968
El Gres del Pato y la Cruz es el resultado de la fusión de la tierra, las raíces locales y el diseño. Evidencia a través de procesos ancestrales el potencial de nuestra tierra y canaliza la esencia de sus rocas como forma de expresión.  Santander es un territorio con un alto potencial de materiales para la producción cerámica, piezas que una vez listas y gracias al fuego se convierten en objetos de alta calidad.
El Gres del Pato y la Cruz persigue caracterizar y dar uso al potencial (ya comprobado) de minerales útiles para la producción de cerámica esmaltada en el departamento; su objetivo consiste entonces en hablar el lenguaje de las rocas y expresar sus características, inspirándose para ello en los procesos de refinamiento y manejo de minerales de la milenaria técnica japonesa.
Esta historia no podría tomar forma sin el protagonismo del Maestro Hiroshige Kato, quien es mi mentor y excelente amigo, así como la duodécima generación a cargo de su compañía Kitagama Kasen. Su horno data de 1656, cuando el Maestro de cerámica Hikokuro, comenzó su taller con otras tres familias bajo la protección los Tokugawa, clase militar en el poder que impulsó la producción de piezas cerámicas para la ceremonia del té usadas en el castillo de Nagoya. De las tres familias sólo esta sigue trabajando la arcilla. Su familia cuenta con 12 generaciones de experiencia en el arte de la cerámica.
El Maestro Hiroshige, en la complejidad de su agenda, pudo visitar Colombia y dar aval y respaldo a este horno que hoy conocemos como el Gres del pato y la Cruz.