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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Linda Hsiao - Knotwork LA

I recently saw an image passing through FB and was startled by the beauty of it.
Linda Hsiao, Pratt ID alum. had posted a moment and image of that moment. Her post read:

"Nothing like fresh camomile tea and shelling some dragon beans and black eyed peas from a trip to Sundays Hollywood farmers market with @mtwashingtonpottery . Going to hang the camomile after a few more cups of fresh tea☕️ before bed."

The image that joins the blurb is this one:

So much joy there, I couldn't help but see what Linda had been up to. 
More Joy.
Linda Hsiao and Kagen Taylor founded Knotwork... Let me let them tell you. From their website:


Collaboration between Linda Hsiao & Kagan Taylor.

Linda is an industrial designer, ceramicist, gardener, and chef. While not knotworking she freelance designs eyewear and accessories. Her desire for more beautiful kitchen tools and gifts for her nephew are the inspiration for many of Knotwork’s products
Kagan is an architect, woodworker, and teacher of design and craft. He is one half of the Highland Park design/build firmKnowhow Shop LA and an obsessive collector of tools and techniques.
Knotwork LA was created as a outlet to identify the work we do in our spare time, it began as evenings and weekends spent in the shop and studio, precious pieces of wood saved from other projects or found while hiking, ideas that came to us in the middle of the night, and a desire to create beautiful, useful things.

Classes, Studio, Wood-craft, Ceramics, Lifestyle design & this week a Knotwork Pop-Up at MOCA in LA.

I never had the pleasure of having Linda in one of my classes at Pratt, but I am very happy to see a Pratt ID alum taking this path. I believe Linda is working as an eyewear designer and Knotwork is her personal exploration of bringing her passion to life in commerce and education. 
If you haven't,  check out the website. It's as joyful as the intent to share and care and spread creativity through actions & objects and lifestyle design. Just a few more images and once the Pop-Up is complete, more about the path and the future for Linda and Knotwork.

Congratulations to Linda and Kagen with the MOCA Pop-Up!  best of luck and I look forward to part 2 of this feature to hear more about the past, present and future of Linda and KnotworkLA!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens (graduate Pratt ID, 2006) Daniel is currently working designing graphics for a woman's sleepwear company, Richard Leeds International - as well as freelancing with his own time and keeping his creative juices flowing in by, as he notes:
"constantly entering competitions on Threadless.com It's a fun way to keep my design skills honed. I actually feel like i'm back in school because every competition is a new challenge and i'm a competitive dude so it's fun."

Check out Daniel's ongoing submissions to Threadless.com and other info, gestures, and interests here;


Daniel is working on a T-shirt website, and revamping his personal site. It's a great pleasure to see his smiling face on FB and his continued work in crossover applications of design/graphics/fine arts.
More to come. Congrats Daniel.