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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greg Buntain Ian Collings - Fort Standard looking for Hire!

Greg Buntain and Ian Collings, founders of Fort Standard shared an email as follows: Please assist in their search, and give'em a hand moving for cryin out loud! They write:

"Hello Friends-

My apologies for the impersonal mass email but Fort Standard needs an intern/employee asap. Two would be even better.
Ian and I are gearing up for a project at the Museum of Art and Design in April as well as exhibiting new work in three or four different venues during Design Week in May. I have attached some press releases of some recent work which you can feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested.

We need someone who can think on their feet, is efficient in a wood shop and preferably knows Solid Works and CS5. Our shop is located in Red Hook so they either need a car or a bicycle and some motivation as there is not a lot of public transportation (we do have Fairway and great views of Lady Liberty however). They would also need a license and be able to drive our luxury cargo van.
We could easily keep someone busy with just production work but would prefer to have someone who can grow with us and be a team player. We cant afford to pay much at the moment but can offer incredible letters of recommendation and can negotiate terms of compensation based upon their levels of skill and commitment. Working hours can be flexible as we tend to work 18 hour days so anything to lighten the load would be appreciated.


P.S. - Fort Standard will be relocating around the corner to Pier 41 next weekend (the building where they filmed The Real World- Red Hook, and Jay-Z recently had a party) to a 7,000 sqft shop space with some serious top of the line industrial tools and a roof the size of a city block with water on three sides. Beers and food rewarded to anyone who wants to help us move."
Gregory Buntain

Fort Standard LLC

Co-Founder / Principal Designer


m. (908) 400-5628
Super cool. Congrats on the move and the projects - the ID Alum blog is waiting to do a formal feature on Greg and Ian - looking forward to it soon!!!

Ryan Rutherford - Best in Show 2x !

Ryan Rutherford announces that he and his company JW Pet Co. has taken Best in Show 2nd year in a row;

he notes on his blog: Bloggerford

"...Thursday afternoon we got very exciting news.
We won best in show for new dog toys for the second year in a row.
Last year we won for the arachnoid ball this year for the brand new hol-ee cuz...."

Check out the blog - it's full of life and wonderful things that only Ryan can bring to the world with his own poignant vision and humor!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dana Young - Little Big @ Matchless Fri. 3/18!

Dana Young: Designer, Sculptor, Musician, and generally super great person - will be performing at Matchless this Friday!
from her invite:

Chuck is playing in TWO of these bands (Little,Big *and* Captain Skyhawk). Friday fun is pretty much guaranteed!


BAR MATCHLESS, 557 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint - Brooklyn, NY

718-383-5333,  $10 admission - 21+ w/ID

Bands Performing:

7pm The Enchantments (theenchantments.com)

8pm Little, Big (littlecommabig.com)

9pm Captain Skyhawk (myspace.com/captainskyhawkmusic)

10pm Cedric Needs Us (myspace.com/cedricneedsus)

11pm The Eighty 7s (myspace.com/theeighty7s)

Kevin McElroy - CUTS /// invitation

Kevin McElroy has been very busy! Please check his website, he has some terrific projects that really press home the kind of daring but pragmatic designer he is! Also, as many of you have seen, Kevin is having an opening for a collaborative project that he has spearheaded:

I quote directly from a correspondence we had this afternoon -

"In July 2010, designer Kevin McElroy gamely participated in NYDesigns’ inaugural Laser Party!, a live laser-cutting demonstration set against the backdrop of a boozy social. NYDesigns, a program of the City University of New York, is a community space and design entrepreneurship incubator for creative professionals. McElroy's design concept for the Laser Party!, an abstract geometric pattern cut from t-shirt fabric, garnered particular interest at the event, and he reached out to friend Jesse Finkelstein of JF & Son. JF & Son, an international fashion design group specializing in innovative materials and fashion-forward clothing, was the ideal collaborator. The three parties schemed and embarked on an enterprise culminating in a line of clothing and accessories laser cut to surprising effects.

This project is an exploration in material, process and context. I asked the question, "What will one machine do that no other machine will do? What is a singular expression of that utility?" A laser-cutter uses light to slice flat materials along precise contours sent from a computer. Using light both as a tool and inspiration, arrangements of shapes were cut away from fabric, from leather to silks. Removed from the bed of the machine, the fabric flows and drapes and these flat cut graphics take on a more textured dynamic as negative and positive spaces move and layer over one another. Using this as a vehicle for communication, the collection is a collaboration on ideas of aesthetic, function and culture."

Please see the links below for more info on Kevin, JF & Son, and New York Designs (a terrific resource and great group of people - I've used their services for laser cutting myself, and hope to do more with them soon!)