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Thursday, January 28, 2010

dana young

It is my great pleasure (balloons, streamers, confetti) to bring Dana Young (grad 2005) into the fold of the IDalum blog!
I'd lost her for a while, but she found the blog, and as I was certain of long ago, has used her whimsical vision, her spanking-hot sense of nyc fashion, and her very grounded business head to bring her to a very happy place as a senior jewelry designer, monster-maker, illustrator, and musician. as she notes;
"I am currently a senior designer at a small jewelry company in midtown. I've been through a lot of jobs since we last talked, but they all propelled me really far forward which is great. This one has only been for about 7 months, but they have me lined up for the head designer position come summer. I'm pretty much already the acting head designer without the title, which I like."
and "I doing jewelry for JC Penny, Dillards, Arden B, Bebe" and others.

She's got a great blog http://enzosattic.blogspot.com/ that all should check out and I'll update with images of her work.

And finally the band -
"Then i am merging that project with my band so that the merchandise can promote either thing: http://littlecommabig.com/ The website is preliminary with only demos right now, but it's getting there. I'll have the updated version in a couple of week.
I am very happy to have Dana here, welcome!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

josh longo interview

Check out the interview with Mr. Longo and the really beautiful cover and spread from
Lost in a Supermarket - He's got surprises on the way, always surprises in Longoland.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gitana Rosa Gallery - looking for intern / affordable web designer

Gitana Rosa Gallery, a cutting edge, internationally renown, and super-cool fine art gallery is currently searching for non-paid interns or affordable web designer to update their website - While this post is for ID alum, and most now need the money as well as the practice, I thought you may well know some students or other designers that might be interested for the experience.
Vanessa Liberati, the owner of the gallery is a terrific person with great taste and an exciting outlook on the world. I am updating the friends links to include Gitana Rosa Gallery - please take a look, pass this request on, and please Join the mailing list and attend openings and events for this venue!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This post is to request Pratt ID alum and current Pratt students to submit images of furniture designs that use only one (1) single material in an innovative matter.
The submission request has been made by a Pratt Alum, who will use the image collections as part of a proposal for the curation of a design show for I.C.F.F.
This is not a competition, nor is it a call for entries or submissions to a established show, that may come if the preliminary samples help win the curatorial position.
Remember; furniture, one single material, innovative manner.
Please assist us with this proposal, please copy ID alum, Pratt students, and faculty who can pass this on to other students.
I don't have a schedule/deadline as of yet, so ASAP would be best.
Please send jpgs to my gmail addres; andy.roberto@gmail.com
thanks, more to come - I will meet with curator this week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

additonal links and IDNY update

There are now a few additional links under associates, friends, and good eggs. Some personal gestures and a few networking items that are good resources;

IDNY meetup; Zach Feltoon just spoke at this month's meetup and it is a very good resource social/design network organization. There were numerous Pratt ID alum there from a spread of years. It is free to join and meets once a month, but the website is also a good platform to communicate issues, features and other info for your business, etc. By the way, Zac did a terrific job and it is obvious he is becoming a force in the local design culture.

The Brooklyn Arts Council is a very good local resource for designers/artists. There is a register so you can post your business link info and update the daily posts with any feature info you might want to share. This posting has various opportunities such as calls for entries for fine art and design among other things.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (and any other local Chamber of Commerce) is always a good resource for business opportunities in the area. You can become a member or simply sign up for the monthly news letter, or visit the site. If you have a business, the chamber is a good idea for joining. I noticed that Bernardo of Bear and Lion is a member if I remember correctly.

I will add to this list when I have a chance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

davidzachary up and runnig

The DavidZachary website is up and running. Please see on the website list, and remember Zac is speaking tomorrow at Heller for the IDNY meetup!!
Best of luck!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Na Suen

Na Suen 2007 grad, has been gracious enough to maintain her contact with me since she entered the professional world. Na has tenaciously encouraged and honed her sculptural priorities as she investigates all avenues in the world of design.

It is a pleasure to report (see the full documentation on her Coroflot site noted in the website section on this blog) that Na has applied her talents as an intern at Watchcraft, a Junior Prod. designer at Mila, a freelance tabletop designer (you know she loves tabletop - her last email to me notes, "Yes, I'm very happy! I wanted to focus on tabletop once I took Irv Tepper's ceramic class and didn't know there exists jobs that let people do solely that!") for the Shaeffer Group, and is now with the in-house design team for Sears/Kmart first designing dinnerware, and now as she notes, "I am designing patterns, fashion bedding, rugs, window treatments, etc."

Na's process, her primacy in analysing concept through abstract/3D forms, she hopes (and we know), will continue to keep her sensibility finely poised between art and design, thus offering her a special vantage, out of the mainstream, even when designing for the mainstream.

Here you will find a couple of her recent projects, and a couple of images from the DKNY design project done while in Pratt. Check her work/profile on coroflot, it will all make you smile!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


David Wright and Zach Feltoon, 2008 grads, collaborating in their own design consultancy as "DavidZachary", will be breaking out their website in a matter of days. Their Brooklyn based business is promoting the wonderful and broad talents both designers have readily displayed for us. Their site (I was lucky enough to get a glimpse) and their work, will knock you down and then stand you back up again.
The clarity and sophistication imbued in the designs of these collaborators is powerful.
We all wish the both of you well in your growing vision!
Of great importance: Please mark the date January 14th - and see the invite posted here on the image wall, click for the IDNY link and click on the invite for full size version - Zach will be speaking at this months IDNY Meetup, as he notes,
"I will be speaking at the IDNY monthly MeetUp alongside Massimo Vignelli and Alan Heller. I am very excited about this opportunity, to say the least."
Good news, well deserved! We look forward to seeing you all there!

When their site is up we will advise.