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Thursday, January 28, 2010

dana young

It is my great pleasure (balloons, streamers, confetti) to bring Dana Young (grad 2005) into the fold of the IDalum blog!
I'd lost her for a while, but she found the blog, and as I was certain of long ago, has used her whimsical vision, her spanking-hot sense of nyc fashion, and her very grounded business head to bring her to a very happy place as a senior jewelry designer, monster-maker, illustrator, and musician. as she notes;
"I am currently a senior designer at a small jewelry company in midtown. I've been through a lot of jobs since we last talked, but they all propelled me really far forward which is great. This one has only been for about 7 months, but they have me lined up for the head designer position come summer. I'm pretty much already the acting head designer without the title, which I like."
and "I doing jewelry for JC Penny, Dillards, Arden B, Bebe" and others.

She's got a great blog http://enzosattic.blogspot.com/ that all should check out and I'll update with images of her work.

And finally the band -
"Then i am merging that project with my band so that the merchandise can promote either thing: http://littlecommabig.com/ The website is preliminary with only demos right now, but it's getting there. I'll have the updated version in a couple of week.
I am very happy to have Dana here, welcome!

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