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Friday, January 8, 2010

Na Suen

Na Suen 2007 grad, has been gracious enough to maintain her contact with me since she entered the professional world. Na has tenaciously encouraged and honed her sculptural priorities as she investigates all avenues in the world of design.

It is a pleasure to report (see the full documentation on her Coroflot site noted in the website section on this blog) that Na has applied her talents as an intern at Watchcraft, a Junior Prod. designer at Mila, a freelance tabletop designer (you know she loves tabletop - her last email to me notes, "Yes, I'm very happy! I wanted to focus on tabletop once I took Irv Tepper's ceramic class and didn't know there exists jobs that let people do solely that!") for the Shaeffer Group, and is now with the in-house design team for Sears/Kmart first designing dinnerware, and now as she notes, "I am designing patterns, fashion bedding, rugs, window treatments, etc."

Na's process, her primacy in analysing concept through abstract/3D forms, she hopes (and we know), will continue to keep her sensibility finely poised between art and design, thus offering her a special vantage, out of the mainstream, even when designing for the mainstream.

Here you will find a couple of her recent projects, and a couple of images from the DKNY design project done while in Pratt. Check her work/profile on coroflot, it will all make you smile!

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