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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jon Basile

Jon Basile, (grad 2006) one of the finest designers I have had the pleasure of knowing - a designer's designer and magician of transformative concept of as still undefined proportions - slightly elusive in space, time and being (hard to get a feature on) has been in touch recently living in Portland, and wrote, in part, as follows:

"Portland has treated me well the past few years. I moved out here for the lifestyle change, art/culture, awareness, locality, geography, and craftspeople.

I've been working and playing a ton! I try to be a weekend warrior and do at least a hike, climb, or ski in the winter. I live on a farm/vineyard with my girlfriend. We grow our own food and have some animals, I have a lot of space to build and create! It's a enchanting escape from the city.

I'v been working at, The Rebuilding Center(in N Portland), designing and building furniture, home decor, and custom work for locals and businesses. It's a non-profit organization driven by local used building materials. So some of the fine things i build are made from hand-reclaimed old-growth doug fir! As well as other reclaimed materials i find in the huge warehouse of reusable building materials. I also coordinate classes/workshops in my shop for the community. Like "how to" workshops.

Right now I'm working on designing and installing a display in the showroom space in the store. It's fun I have a lot of design and material freedom. I have a great shop/studio/tools to work with and in a great neighborhood downtown Portland.

I've also been drawing, painting, and building outside of work. Designing building stuff for the local wineries and restaurants .

From the Center's website:

"Contact ReFind Furniture
ReFind would love to answer your questions about our products, custom work, showroom, and more. Contact Jon Basile at refind@rebuildingcenter.org OR 503-445-1756.

The ReFind Furniture Showroom is located at 3625 N. Mississippi Ave., inside The ReBuilding Center. It is open Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Find directions here. The main phone number for The ReBuilding Center is 503-331-1877.

Our workshop is located at The ReBuilding Center and may be toured by appointment. Please contact our Communications Coordinator, communications@ourunitedvillages.org, for details.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Victor Monserrate - update; New website

It is my pleasure to update you on Victor Mosserrate's new website, filled with vivid new designs, incredible material exploration and a sense of joy that I have come to expect from this passionate designer!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natalie McLaurin - Multiple shows!

Natalie Mclaurin is having an explosive fall kick off with numerous shows, curating and managing and sharing her blossoming talents -

The first show of which noted here: See link for facebook info: "I Am An Important Giant"

Coming Soon! - I AM AN IMPORTANT GIANT: A collaborative group exhibition at Antenna Gallery in which smaller-than-life installations explore the nuances of scale and the received relationship between size and quality. Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin, the exhibition features contributors from across the country.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Aila Blair, Andrew Roberto, Angela Berry, Angela Driscoll, Anna Thompson, Amy Pascha...ll, Ben Fox-Mccord, Bridget Mullen, Craig Branum, Deirdre Sargent, Ellen Ellis, Elliott Bennett Coon, Gary Oaks, Georgia Kennedy, Grissel Giuliano, Heather Muntzer, James Goedert, Jennifer McQuistion, Jeremy Pelt, Jessica Bizer, Julia Westerbeke, Katherine Aungier, Kristin Wanek, Kristen Breyer, Kyle Bravo, Lacey Prpić Hedtke, Laura Gibson, Lee Deigaard, Luke Forsyth, Molly Reeder, Nicole Handel, Rebecca Memoli, Robmat Butler, Rob Lomblad, Roy Williams, Ryn Wilson, Sara Marie Miller, Veronica Siehl, William Murphy and Zamie Casazola

3161 Burgundy Street
New Orleans, LA

Saturday, November 13 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm


See the link here: "Catapult"

First art opening at T-Lot, a new studio and project space in New Orleans, Louisiana

Featuring: Angela Berry-Hannah Chalew-Georgia Kennedy-Stephen Kwok-Natalie McLaurin

With installations by: Siobhan Feehan-100% EF&GDK-Eliana Dotan-Evan Parks-Hunter King-Sophie Lvoff-Jeremy Pelt

And video by: Dave Greber-Gordon Bell-Bob Weisz-Travis Diehl-Rae Filsinger-David Webber-SIK RAD BEST-and more

1940 St. Claude

Friday, November 12 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm

These two for a start! I believe there are a few more events and cross-over shows! Congratulations to one of our finest!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Been so busy with some new projects, work and family that I haven't been able to post let alone chase anyone down for a feature; Any volunteers? I believe many Alum are very busy doing many great things.
Have been hearing about some upcoming work from various places; Please share!
Would love to hear from you!
Couple of images of my own work - Laser cut felt - thanks for the tips.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Josh longo - Show in Antwerp!

Longoland in Antwerp!
Best of luck to you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

conie chiock & PotatoRooster

I am very happy to have Conie Chiock join us (grad pratt ID 06) with her new website PotatoRooster - super! and news about a new degree in mechanical engineering!
Conie moved back to Texas after graduating and is working as an art teacher with children at Katy-Visual-and-Performing-Arts-Center

She has very astutely combined her education talent, her arts & crafts talent and tied them to her idustrial design education and developed a new and intriguing resource named PotatoRooster
This is a new site, check it out - lend Conie your support, assistance and advice if you have any - I think it's a great look and a great idea and it seems to me that it fills a perfect niche for an expanding market and the potential seems limitless.

But enough of my words: Conie writes elegantly enough;
"The whole idea behind potatorooster was to develop a small design consultancy that focused on children design. From interior, to interactive, to custom furniture, to graphics.

My friend says that it is the master mind creation of an Industrial Designer, Teacher, and Engineer. For me it was just a way of being able to keep my artistic flair and adapting to my new environments upon moving to Texas! I moved to Texas, had a difficult time getting a design a job & has been teaching art & am currently working on my masters for mechanical engineering (and) in the spare time I enjoy consulting and helping people design things for their children.

The few products I have I want to market them with the idea of modern craft. The plush animals are handmade and each one of a kind. The way I have been doing them is on a custom order basis, the parent gives me a piece of clothing or blanket from their child and I turn it into a plush for them to keep.

Another custom product that has been pretty popular is the creation of graphic silhouettes, parents send in the side profile of their child and I create a graphic silhouette. The duckie bank is an original concept and design that I self cast and fire in my studio. The magnetic board concept targets a bit of an educational field, and the idea of being artistic in a 2d Media. I offer different boards one that has a body to play dress up, one that has a race track and comes with magnetic cars, and another one that comes with organic and geometric shapes for more free play!"

Congratulations to Conie! And when we all need help with Mech. engineering issues you now know where we'll be going! I look forward to hearing about the blossoming of this new venture!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Natalie McLaurin's: I Am An Important Giant Show!

I recently posted the call for entries for a show involving scale furniture, curated by the one and only Natalie McLaurin - All Alum. would benefit by submitting work and showing in this venture - it is super-swell show theme, great for designers who would like to expand their venue, vision, outlook, style-base (I just made that up), and I want to participate with great minds, so please enter - it's not too late!!!

Call for Artists: I Am An Important Giant
Deadline October 1, 2010 (not too late yet!!)

I Am An Important Giant is a collaborative group installation opening to the public on November 13, 2010 in the Saint Claude Arts District in New Orleans. Using scale to create the effect of importance on the viewer, the works in I Am An Important Giant will be smaller than life installations. Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin the exhibition will explore the importance of scale and the habit of equating scale with quality in art works.

The exhibition will be made of smaller than lifesized objects (1:12 scale) created by artists from across the country. If you are interested in submitting artworks for inclusion in this exhibition please email a brief description and accompanying images to nataliemclaurin@gmail.com

stephen floyd - Update - New website! new work!

Stephen Floyd, (2001 grad) has been very busy indeed!
Check this out,
Just a few clips from the site:

visual merchandising, exhibit design & graphic design

Moss is a high-end luxury design store and gallery with showrooms in New York and Los Angeles. It is internationally renowned for its exceptional display of exclusive furniture, lighting, tabletop and accessories from top brands including Swarovski, Baccarat, Cassina, Edra, Vitsoe and Flos. Moss also represents the work of some of the most successful and influential designers working today such as Philippe Stark, Hella Jongerious, Maarten Baas, and the Campana Brothers.

As the Display Director at Moss, and with a background in exhibit design, visual communications and graphic design, I have been able to influence and shape the direction of the visual presentation that embodies the Moss brand. With over 8 years of visual merchandising, showroom, staff and project management experience, I have overseen the conceptual direction, design, installation and daily maintenance of all exhibitions at Moss since 2002."

"Souvenirs from Tokyo
Illustration and apparel design for SFT Gallery / Cibone in Tokyo, Japan

I participated in the annual "Souvenirs from Tokyo" exhibition at the SFT Gallery, operated by Cibone at the National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan. I was asked, along with four other artist and designers, to create designs for three handkerchiefs, t-shirts, and postcards."

"Jihad Pop by Sahar Shah
Book design for Bose Pacia Gallery

designed with Indesign CS4"

And so much more - It is a pleasure to put this website up - Stephen is one of my first students, a friend, and powerful thinker and designer and I am very happy to see him flourish, world-wide, and use his skills as he knew he could!

Stephen is currently looking to broaden his working scope, expand his horizons, and share the vision with others! Please review his site - he's beta testing now, and would love to hear from you - email him at: stephen@sickbirdstudio.com

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WoW! So much on the way!

There is a burst of activity in the Alum world; but I must wait a bit before posting. Preview; Updates from Stephen Floyd, Endrit Hajno, New to the site; Conie Chiock and new business and website! Longo land is growing, and many more waiting in the wings - Been in touch with Bryar Babcock, Tiffany Baker, and David Blum - who is/was travelling abroad doing his thing - and still more - just a bit overwhelmed right now! stay tuned!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Isaac Lubow

I am very happy to post this feature for Isaac Lubow (Pratt ID 2006) who has been very busy over the past few years getting into everything, everywhere in the design world, and across the planet we live on.

His website features the short modest note: "Isaac Lubow studied drawing at The Art Students League and industrial design at Pratt Institute. He was the recipient of the Taki Fuji International Art Award.

New York Magazine named his firm, Custom Resource, third in a list of eleven designers creating "the next garde".

He now lives and works in New York City and Bali, Indonesia."

Isaac is the co-founder of Custom Resource Ltd., a custom furniture and interior design house, established in 2006 with Billy Cotton, another Pratt grad, for which he remained until 2009. See the Website for details.
He is now living in Bali, doing freelance illustration, computer graphics and web development. His new website is growing with new projects;


Isaac has used his talent as a true renaissance artist, applying his artistic and design talent to every technology, high and low, to create strong, and witty as well as austere works of art and design. His C.V. is really something to see - I am glad to have him here with us!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

vincent giordano

I am posting a non-alum contact here, due to the hilarity and serious chops of his photo skills - Vin Giordano is an old friend, who's work is great, and I think for product and other ID oriented needs, he would be a good resource; A damned good guy too. Check out the Facebook profile photo's,
Vincent Giordano profile pics

Visit his website; http://www.trinacriaphotography.com/index.html

It would be nice to hear from you about his work, please comment - thanks, andy

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Toth - new company! new products!

I am pleased to have Mike Toth (grad 2008) join the ID alum! I have been anxious to hear some news from this strong design mind!

" I've started a company to manufacture and sell toys based on emoticons -- 3D extrapolations for folks to pop onto their desks or wherever. I've only got one model for now but I'm rapidly adding new designs."

From Mike's new company:

3plane's Shop Announcement
3Plane is ready to launch its line of hand-modeled and molded toys based off (some incredibly famous) emoticons! 3motes are here, baby. Become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/3plane

see the links below - I will post in the alum links as well. Best of luck to Mike, I look forward to see 3plane blossom!


Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/3Plane-Industries
Marketplace: http://www.etsy.com/shop/3plane

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

kimberly lewis - VistaPrint competition! Help her out!

Kimberly Lewis is gearing up to launch her own wallpaper design business - this competitino will help her - please see below to help her out!!

Hi Everyone,
I am not usually one to send out mass emails but I would really appreciate your support! As you may or may not know I have been designing a wallpaper line and plan on debuting it next May during NY design week. I have been working on the designing and manufacturing end of things but as far as advertising and marketing my budget is very limited!

Vistaprint / Vistaprint Small Biz is running a contest called 'Make An Impression' and is offering 4 small businesses the opportunity to receive $10,000 in marketing and promotion materials along with a few other great perks! This would be fantastic opportunity for me because at the moment I do not have much funding for advertising, marketing and will need brochures, postcards, business cards etc for my booth in May. I would really appreciate it if you would vote for me in the contest. Every vote counts! The contest is running August 24th (today!) until September Sept 4th. There is a limit of one vote per person/email address per day. Feel free to pass on the below url or this email to family and friends! You can vote for me at:


If you want to check out what I have been up to you can visit my website at KimberlyLewis.net I have a small portfolio of my recent professional work and a preview of some of the wallpaper patterns I have been working on.

Thanks so much for your time and support!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

ana linares - Create show!!

Ana Linares, who is fast becoming one of the most networked young designers is participating in a new launch event - "Create" "A pioneering report on Latino participation in the New York City Design Economy"
See this: NYDesigns "Create"

Make a note of the date!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update - Design Glut, Endrit Hanjno, Longoland

Design Glut's Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark have updated their Blog with new products and information,

Endrit Hajno, whom I bumped into at the last IDNY meetup event (where were you?), has had some press; an item in AU - online mag for Culture in Valencia, "Urban Agenda" http://au-agenda.com/es/valencia/articulo/1115_endrit-hajno.htm?PHPSESSID=f838267e94038bdb40ec1b4ecd5a4068

also seen here; http://issuu.com/au-agenda/docs/au_470610

Endrit has been working for a company designing Bamboo objects, and will be off to China shortly to facilitate manufacturing of his designs; more to come on the company and their products!

And Josh Longo - president, vice-president, secretary of state and activities director of Longoland has fantastic news and here it is, in his own words;

" Longoland was recently asked to design monsters by VCCP (ad agency)
for o2 (Euro Telecommunications). The monsters represent tariffs that the phone
companies impose on you, Flat-Rate, High Price, etc... There will be TV commercials, online ads, instore displays,
all covered in Longoland monsters, but only in Germany as of right now. Longoland is super excited to see his monsters
on TV and hopes to work on more commercial work soon!!!! Click the link below to see the commercial!!!!!

For those who haven' t seen my website in some time... I have a bunch of new work!!!!!


For those of you in Antwerp or close by, I have a solo show with lots of new work, sculpture, drawings, paintings
at RA space this coming November!!!!! I will keep you posted!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all!! super summer

Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9 update: Dana Young, Pat Fricke, Josh Longo

Pat Fricke is on the Cover of Monday Morning Quarterback with his Sela lounge!

And check out what's going on in Longoland - See the press on his site and as
Josh notes in his blog;
"I am getting ready for a show in ANtwerp Belgium this fall....Im running out of time and my studio is packed with half finished sculpture!!!! Here are some sketches for the show....Most of this stuff doesnt get made, but I have to work through it...

and - Dana Young, quiet for a while, notes in her blog;

It has been a very long time since I posted.
I have been busy in my secret monster workshop, but now the time has come for a sneak peak at what I have been working on!
I am designing monster avatars for a new online/iphone game called Hopskoch.
We are having a contest to name the most recently designed monster on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/playhopskoch
Please go to the facebook and read the details!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

pat fricke - update

Pat has been very busy as a furniture designer for KI; His Sela Lounge chair sold over 2 million units the first year! He has been working on a very beautiful furniture system, and has immersed himself as a serious player in the international world of Furniture design! Letting him speak:

"i am doing well, still working at KI. i was just at neocon, the office system i have been designing for the past 2 years was finally released this year. it was very well received. it is still a work in progress. i am coming out with a line of break pressed sheet metal parts to accompany the system, as well as some aluminum extrusions. it is safe to i am learning an amazing amount.
I recently redesigned my Serenity screen divider and a woman in florida purchased it- took 4 years to make a sale, but i did it!
the Sela lounge collection i designed for KI last year has sold over 2 million in sales in the first year, and is on the way to becoming the highest selling lounge chair at KI.
I ran into Tim Richardz at neocon, gave him a tour of our showroom and all the products in it. it was good show him ive made it full circle, and toned it down a bit haha.
i went to dinner with Jeff weber the other night at neocon, the codesign of the Aeron and Embody chair. i cant say enough positive things about him and in the short time ive known him what ive learned. that's an experience i never thought i would have, actually all of this is in one way or another. and it's all thanks to you, Tim and the rest of my professors at Pratt, so thank you for giving me the tools i needed to get to where i am and where im headed. "

Well thanks, I am very happy to post this update, Pat's work is the kind of realization of effort that every professor hopes for, and his achievements to date are spectacular! Thanks Pat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

michelle ladin

I am very pleased to have Michelle Ladin (grad 06) featured here! One of Pratt's most personable, professional and genuinely passionate design alums, she has been very busy professionally, artisically, and socially, and as usual, I'll let her speak directly;
"It has been 4 years since I was in your senior ID portfolio class. I am now the SHARP Brand Manager / Product and Packaging Designer for M.Z.Berger&Co. I design and develop Digital Alarm Clocks, Atomic Weather Station and Radio/MP3 players under the SHARP, NELSONIC and E-TECH brands. My designs have been placed in; Sam's Club, Office Max, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Kmart, PCH and Meijer.
Check out my work on Coroflot: http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_details.asp?individual_id=87558

My side passion is photography. I have been working on a Street Art photo series since I graduated Pratt and moved to Williamsburg.
(From Trendhunter.com) "Photographer Michelle Ladin is documenting the street art of Williamsburg in the photo series above. Ladin says that her project aims to “[capture] the people’s art—in the moment—before it is washed away, torn down or covered up.” By photographing graffiti and street art before it is covered up, Michelle Ladin protects the legacy of “trend setters, the abstract, graffiti artists, the right to free speech, stencil, paste, spray, post and slap.”
Check out my post on Trend Hunter: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/michelle-ladin

I love getting up early and walking around my neighborhood taking photos of freshly posted stickers and graffiti. Capturing the art before it can be ripped down or painted over gives me great satisfaction.
Check out my Street Art photograph on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michelleladin/sets/72157605183932120/

I am very happy to have Michelle here, and in the neighborhood too! She is a powerful force and uplifting spirit, congratulations on the wonderful work!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on the way

updates and new ID alum to come shortly; Michelle Ladin, Isaac Lubow, Tiffany Baker, Brian Hurvitz and more info on our all time, IDalum champ and #1 man, Patrick Fricke!
just a bit washed under right now...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

zach cranfield - position available for soft-goods designer

Zach Cranfield posts:
I was recently contacted by a recruiting agency about a soft goods designer position at an outdoor/action sports company in the Salt Lake area. If you or someone you may know may be interested, forward your contact info to me and I will pass it on. Looking to hear back this week if possible.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Check him on Face, or try these, one work one personal.
"Zach Cranfield" zach@romesnowboards.com
"zach cranfield" zcranfield@yahoo.com

Friday, July 2, 2010

miron lior - update

Miron has launched a new website featuring a new line of lovely furniture and notes,
"I launched FAKTURA at ICFF'10 and went to Neocon right after. Check out the collection, all designs are mine. So far response is great."
see the link here, and now above;

I have to put his bio here - I just love this;

Miron Lior (www.mironlior.com) has stormed the world of design in 2007 upon graduation from PRATT Institute. His first product on the market, The Conceal Shelf produced by Umbra, debuted at ICFF in 2006 and became a hit, won several awards and garnered international acclaim. In 2008 Miron opened his own studio, focusing on product design while maintaining the capacity to create custom furniture and objects.

Miron's designs can be described as Expressive Minimalist, notable for the elegant balance he achieves between form and function, while keeping his pieces exciting and engaging. The work reflects his continuing interest in the interchange between design and contemporary culture, as well as his belief in the importance of sustainable design practice.

Miron’s designs reflect his international background. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Miron has lived and studied in Israel and the United States. His studies have touched upon fields as diverse as Information Technologies and Engineering, Cultures of the Far East and Art History. After trying his hand in the more technical professions, he found his path to self-expression and fulfillment in furniture and product design. Miron was awarded several international honors for various designs, and his work has been carried by galleries and museums such as the MOMA and MAD Museum. Miron now lives and works in New York. He is also a professional DJ.

congratulations on the site, the lovely furniture and the brilliant storming!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

josh longo - Update

An update in brief form about Josh Longo,
(see his blog, and his site links here)
Josh notes that he is very very busy on a new and exciting project to develop Characters for a European company that wants them for commercial application, and has already designed the lot of them, and has agreed on licensing terms (know you know who to ask) and is now negotiating expanded rights for other countries!
In fact, they liked the characters so much, they want merchandising rights!

And, you may well know, Josh is teaching at Pratt, and will be having a solo show in Antwerp this fall - so his marvelous creature career is blossoming, and the longoland landscape is growing on target, as we all knew it would!

And don't forget to check the site: the muscle paintings are fantastic; one here as header - see it! Super! Congratulations Josh!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chrissy Angliker

Chrissy Angliker announces a show!

Hi Dear Friends!
A bunch of my paintings, older and very new works are gona be in a group show, opening this coming thursday, July 1st, over in San Fran. I'm going out there for the opening. The show is going to be pretty psychedelic! YES! If any of you are in San Fran you should come!!!!OMG, California Dreaming!! See Chrissy's facebook event notice:
Face book event ART OPENING "Better Weather"
And see 111minnagallery.com

brian kang - update

Brian Kang has the pleasure of presenting a feature of one brilliant design in Telerama - The French weekly magazine! See a translation of the write-up below for the image appearing here in this blog.
See more of Brian's work on his website listed here - and his updated Coroflot site!

"She stings herself with aesthetics

Finished aping-around at Singer: Brian Kang has created the machine for 'haute-couture'
["singe" means “ape” in French, so "singer" would become “aping”]

The Kang Sewing Machine
It is thin, white, curvy and dynamic... Such objects of sculptural beauty, evident yet strange all at once; we don't see many like this in each year. What is the reason for reinventing the sewing machine in such a way? Brian Kang, a 27 year old New York designer, unknown as of yet, explains that he wanted to give the tool a form that expresses more than just its function: not only the art of sewing, but the pleasure of creation as well. All in all, he has tightly tailored a dress to her figure. They don't make them like this at Singer, or elsewhere... It is a prototype that is not yet on the market, but according to its creator, it could be in production. Is it a stroke of genius to happen once, or the birth of a great tailor of design? We are impatiently waiting for the first industrially produced objects signed 'Kang' to hit the market.

Xavier de Jarcy"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Endrit Hanjro update & Porceain & Glass Manufacturers

Endrit has been blogged in Yanko Design

"Turn Me Upside Down

Hey now, no matter which way you orient this vase designed by Endrit Hajno, it’ll hold a flower. See, when a man comes over and brings you a dozen roses, this is the perfect vase. But what if he comes over with just one rose. First of all, dump him – that cheap ass. But being the kind person you are, you wait til’ after dinner to do so. For now, you just flip the vase over and display his single rose. Aww, bet that’ll make him feel special."

and has been getting a lot of blog press for his recent work - He can use some help from those in the industry;
Endrit is looking for prototype fabrication and possible short runs for one of his project; He notes:
" parameters: Porcelain slip, need prototypes, and possibly small runs if its worth it. 10in x 5in x 5in. Does not have to be local or US companies."
If you have had good experience with manufacturer please email me or Endrit - his site is listed above, thanks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gnatalie Hoover McLaurin - Call for Submissions!

Natalie has passed on this call for submissions - It is a pleasure to post this here;
Call for Submissions

I Am An Important Giant will be a collaborative group installation piece that will open to the public on November 13th 2010 in the Saint Claude Arts District in New Orleans. Using scale to create the effect of importance on the viewer, the works in I Am An Important Giant will be smaller than life installations.

Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin the exhibition will explore the importance of scale and the habit of equating scale with quality in art works.

A group installation piece. The basic idea is to make the viewer feel more important using scale. This past year Natalie has been working smaller because of moving, not having a studio and shipping work to out of state shows. It made her think about scale and that the importance of art is frequently equated with its scale.

She is using the Antenna Gallery (http://www.press-street.com/antenna), in the bywater area (http://www.scadnola.com/) of New Orleans. The show will be up from November 13 to December 5th 2010. This show is a part/satellite of Prospect 1.5, the New Orleans art show (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/p1_5.html). The idea is that this will become a biennial between the international biennial (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/).

The work should be doll house scale, 1:12, so that doll house furniture can be used to help the illusion of largeness. Of course if you have something that doesn't fall with in this scale already made you should send a picture with its scale. This is a chance to make something that full scale isn't possible for you because of time, money or, space. You might gain some understanding about how important scale is or isn't to your work.

The gallery will be set up like the viewer is walking through a canyon so the work will be closer to eye level. Please feel free to pitch in any ideas about how to handle the space, the sky, or ground. I Am An Important Giant is above and beyond all else a collaboration, the more minds pitch in the better! If an artist would like to take on a larger aspect of the space, such as the layout or design, proposals will be accepted.

September 1, 2010- Submission Deadline
October 15, 2010- Work delivered/shipped to 1912 Marais St. New Orleans LA 70116

Monday, June 7, 2010

kimberly lewis - update

... and one more thing:
"Another thing that I have been doing at Clinique is working on the fashion designer partnerships that we have been doing with the gift program. So far I have worked with Trina Turk and Michelle Smith of Milly. Right now one of the bags that I helped collaborate on is available at Nordstrom. You can see it here; http://about.nordstrom.com/popup/beauty/clinique_gwp.asp?origin=bdlp

Friday, June 4, 2010

kimberly lewis

ID alum is very proud to present Kimberly Lewis - (2008 grad) a very dedicated and very professional young designer who is working happily in NYC, and I'll just copy her note directly, there is no improving upon it;

"After I graduated from Pratt in '08 I freelanced at Macy's for one summer working on print and patterns for their private line tableware. It surprises a lot of people but I got my fulltime job through the Pratt show! My current supervisor and boss at Clinique (both also pratt alum) went to the professionals night and noticed my pattern work and industrial design background. I got offered a fulltime job at Clinique in Sept 08 working on their Gift with Purchase program which is basically all of the stuff that they give away when you purchase $XX amount of product at our counter. I work on hard goods such as compacts, mirrors and accessories but my real passion is designing the prints for the makeup bags.

I love working with print and pattern so much that I am actually in the process of starting my own line of wallpaper (with a twist!) and I will keep you updated but I am not ready to reveal quite yet! It is all on the side of my fulltime job so things are slow but I have started to work with a manufacturer and it is really exciting!

I have a website with some photos of a few select pieces from my portfolio." It is at www.KimberlyLewis.net

She has a nice interview on Track Ahead

I am very happy and proud to have her with us, check out her site linked here and copied in the alum site.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After the Fact - ICFF Alum

It is with regret that I post the ICFF calendar the last day of the show; I was out of town on an emergency all week and had been preparing this until I was unable to do so; So, with regret, I post this now, after the fact, at least so those who have shown will be known to all, andy

The ICFF lineup as of now:
Ana Linares - It's not me It's you;
"In relationships, conversations can get tabled, feelings get bottled and next thing you know, you’re summoned to having “the talk”. There’s no message that describes better a break-up than the one and only: “It’s not you, it’s me” or why not, “It’s not me, it’s you.” Sure, it’s super cool to rock your own name, but why not rock instead the uncomfortable phrase that follows a break-up?"

Uncomfortable Conversations
May 15-18, 2010 -10am - 6pm
803 Washington St.
New York, NY

Also Ana is showing at ICFF:
"I'd like to invite you all to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) from May 15th-18th, where I will be exhibiting one of my latest designs, the Duo Bookshelf.
Booth # 800 with the IDSA."
I hope to see you at the ICFF this weekend!

Greg Buntain - Noho Design District; the opening was this past saturday but the show is on:
"I would like to invite you to come see my latest chairs in a satellite show this weekend during ICFF/Design Week. The event is titled "Noho Next" and is part of the Noho Design District. The opening is this Saturday along with several other cool happenings in the neighborhood. There is a bar and DJ in our space so you wont need to go far for a good time."

Attached is the invite accompanied by some eye candy...come grab a drink, have a seat and talk about design.
NOHO Design District
Greg Buntain


1 // Partners & Spade, 40 Great Jones
2 // Areaware, 45 Great Jones, ground floor
3 // Roll & Hill, 45 Great Jones, 2nd and 3rd floors
4 // The Future Perfect, 55 Great Jones
5 // Japan Premium Beef, 57 Great Jones
6 // Noho Next, 350 Bowery
7 // Rogan, 330 Bowery
8 // Billy Reid, 54 Bond St.
9 // Oak, 28 Bond St.
10 // The Smile, 26 Bond St.
11 // Daryl K, 21 Bond St.
12 // Relative Space, 2 Bond St.

B, D, F, V to Broadway – Lafayette // 6 to Bleecker // R, W to Prince


Take the A train from 34 Street – Penn Station station heading downtown towards Lefferts Blvd
Get off at W4 Street – Washington Sq
Take the D train from W4 Street – Washington Sq station heading downtown towards Coney Island
Get off at Broadway – Lafayette
Walk north on Lafayette towards Bond Street

Chen Chen - "Lift, Hold, Roll"

The Future Perfect holding an ICFF show called Lift Hold Roll. The concept is based around three mechanical products that are essential to the process. These three objects are a pulley, a clamp, and a caster. The idea is to utilize any one of these objects in a project.



Thursday, May 6, 2010

ana linares - Modern+Design+Function 2010show

My apologies for the delay; Ana is showing tonight in a juried exhibition at the Design Within Reach Flatiron Studio! See below:

Hello everyone! Ana Linares and Grace E. Chen are very excited to invite you to come by the Design Within Reach Flatiron Studio to see our works, view the best 15 pieces, meet the designers, and enjoy a vodka cocktail!!! PARRTTTYYYYYY!!! WhooHoo~~~~~~ @^______^@

M+D+F 2010 (Modern+Design+Function 2010) is a juried exhibition designed to uncover and promote innovative modern original designs by emerging designers in New York. Organized by the DWR Flatiron Studio, M+D+F provides an opportunity for peer, public and professional recognition for up-and-coming designers and firms.


Congratulations yet again to Ana!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

kegan fisher

Kegan Fisher (grad 2007) joins us, officially, here at IDalum and I am very proud to have her on the roster. You should already know what Kegan is up to, if you don't you're asleep at the wheel. She is co-founder of Design Glut, with Liz Kinnmark, another towering Pratt ID force. Design Glut is a very hot I.D. and styles resource that not only identifies what is happening and who is doing what, but it has become a portal for Kegan and Liz to generate new projects, programs and associations related to design and the promotion of design.
Kegan also has her own website Kegan Fisher which is in the process of a terrific expansion - check it out.
I have already posted a link through a feature-add of Ana Linares, the Design Glut curated ICFF show "Uncomfortable Conversations" .
Kegan has produced products, jewelry, as well as props, and so many numerous items and alliances is is impossible to list. Her products are featured in print, in press, and online; the Design Glut force is a powerhouse. I will feature more of this creative explosion as this blog moves forward. For now, I congratulate her on her vision, direction, and talent!