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Saturday, June 26, 2010

brian kang - update

Brian Kang has the pleasure of presenting a feature of one brilliant design in Telerama - The French weekly magazine! See a translation of the write-up below for the image appearing here in this blog.
See more of Brian's work on his website listed here - and his updated Coroflot site!

"She stings herself with aesthetics

Finished aping-around at Singer: Brian Kang has created the machine for 'haute-couture'
["singe" means “ape” in French, so "singer" would become “aping”]

The Kang Sewing Machine
It is thin, white, curvy and dynamic... Such objects of sculptural beauty, evident yet strange all at once; we don't see many like this in each year. What is the reason for reinventing the sewing machine in such a way? Brian Kang, a 27 year old New York designer, unknown as of yet, explains that he wanted to give the tool a form that expresses more than just its function: not only the art of sewing, but the pleasure of creation as well. All in all, he has tightly tailored a dress to her figure. They don't make them like this at Singer, or elsewhere... It is a prototype that is not yet on the market, but according to its creator, it could be in production. Is it a stroke of genius to happen once, or the birth of a great tailor of design? We are impatiently waiting for the first industrially produced objects signed 'Kang' to hit the market.

Xavier de Jarcy"

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