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Friday, June 4, 2010

kimberly lewis

ID alum is very proud to present Kimberly Lewis - (2008 grad) a very dedicated and very professional young designer who is working happily in NYC, and I'll just copy her note directly, there is no improving upon it;

"After I graduated from Pratt in '08 I freelanced at Macy's for one summer working on print and patterns for their private line tableware. It surprises a lot of people but I got my fulltime job through the Pratt show! My current supervisor and boss at Clinique (both also pratt alum) went to the professionals night and noticed my pattern work and industrial design background. I got offered a fulltime job at Clinique in Sept 08 working on their Gift with Purchase program which is basically all of the stuff that they give away when you purchase $XX amount of product at our counter. I work on hard goods such as compacts, mirrors and accessories but my real passion is designing the prints for the makeup bags.

I love working with print and pattern so much that I am actually in the process of starting my own line of wallpaper (with a twist!) and I will keep you updated but I am not ready to reveal quite yet! It is all on the side of my fulltime job so things are slow but I have started to work with a manufacturer and it is really exciting!

I have a website with some photos of a few select pieces from my portfolio." It is at www.KimberlyLewis.net

She has a nice interview on Track Ahead

I am very happy and proud to have her with us, check out her site linked here and copied in the alum site.

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