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Friday, April 30, 2010

kegan fisher

Kegan Fisher (grad 2007) joins us, officially, here at IDalum and I am very proud to have her on the roster. You should already know what Kegan is up to, if you don't you're asleep at the wheel. She is co-founder of Design Glut, with Liz Kinnmark, another towering Pratt ID force. Design Glut is a very hot I.D. and styles resource that not only identifies what is happening and who is doing what, but it has become a portal for Kegan and Liz to generate new projects, programs and associations related to design and the promotion of design.
Kegan also has her own website Kegan Fisher which is in the process of a terrific expansion - check it out.
I have already posted a link through a feature-add of Ana Linares, the Design Glut curated ICFF show "Uncomfortable Conversations" .
Kegan has produced products, jewelry, as well as props, and so many numerous items and alliances is is impossible to list. Her products are featured in print, in press, and online; the Design Glut force is a powerhouse. I will feature more of this creative explosion as this blog moves forward. For now, I congratulate her on her vision, direction, and talent!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

daniel stevens

Daniel Stevens (grad. 06) has joined us here and it is with great pleasure that we now post his website, DanielStevens.com
Daniel has been busy, as he notes:
"Working for a sleepwear company designing graphics for Disney. Me and my friend Antonio also started up a kids product company (in the works) and will be starting up a Pinewood Derby league in brooklyn. I'll keep you informed on the progress."
His graphic and illustration work are lovely extensions of the work he was doing at Pratt, as is the other work - I look forward to posting more work shortly with feature images as well!

Monday, April 19, 2010

ana linares - ICFF Exhibition

Ana has posted the invite for the "Uncomfortable conversations" exhibit that has been curated by Design Glut, May 15-18 - see the link here - UncomfortableDesign.com

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Natalie McLaurin - update

Gnat Who? (Natalie McLaurin) posts the completion of a showing; "You didn't see me either" Shown at the "Deep Pockets" show at Antenna Gallery in New Orleans
Congratulations Natalie!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

chrissy angliker

Chrissy Angliker (Pratt grad 06) joins us with a blast of fine art, interior design, products, and other design objects with a splash of color and verve felt around the world! Of course! It's Chrissy!
Her website Chrissy.ch glows with activity, her design website Design Since that exhibits her work with Daniel LiCalzi; From their website:
"Daniel and Chrissy have worked on a broad variety of projects throughout their careers; Daniel designed products in the medical device and aviation field, as well as consumer products and packaging. Chrissy worked in the fields of furniture design, ideation for point of purchase, branding, graphic design, fine art and developing her own designs. In 2010 design since inc. was asked to join the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation which is a vibrant and energetic group of creative professionals working to link sustainability to enterprise. ds is proud to be part of this community."
Chrissy's in Brooklyn, that makes it another Badass Point for Brooklyn - thanks to Chrissy! check out the links above and the Pratt Design Incubator site - !

Coming soon!

A flurry of contacts through Facebook - heaven help me - have a promise of much greater expansion / exposure to more Alum. in the very near future. Also hearing from many that while they have not "Followed" are checking in regularly - please follow, so the new features and updates are posted to you when they appear. Some items such as shows, lectures, etc, are timely items.
Will be back shortly with, I hope - Zach Cranfield, Chrissy Angliker, Dana Borgersen, and numerous others!
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ryan rutherford

Ryan Rutherford (graduated 03) has won first place "Best In Show" in the Global Pet Expo this year, see image above. Ryan is the star designer of the iconic and world famous "Cuz" dog-toy series for JW Pet Company. (You know you got one for yourself, not your dog!" and he is now the company's Creative Vice President! Congratulations! I look forward to posting more details and info about Ryan's doings, I know he has a lot more going on! Super Great to have him here! He is also noted on the Pratt Success blog