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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

chrissy angliker

Chrissy Angliker (Pratt grad 06) joins us with a blast of fine art, interior design, products, and other design objects with a splash of color and verve felt around the world! Of course! It's Chrissy!
Her website Chrissy.ch glows with activity, her design website Design Since that exhibits her work with Daniel LiCalzi; From their website:
"Daniel and Chrissy have worked on a broad variety of projects throughout their careers; Daniel designed products in the medical device and aviation field, as well as consumer products and packaging. Chrissy worked in the fields of furniture design, ideation for point of purchase, branding, graphic design, fine art and developing her own designs. In 2010 design since inc. was asked to join the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation which is a vibrant and energetic group of creative professionals working to link sustainability to enterprise. ds is proud to be part of this community."
Chrissy's in Brooklyn, that makes it another Badass Point for Brooklyn - thanks to Chrissy! check out the links above and the Pratt Design Incubator site - !

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