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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ian Ciesla - Papa Wolf Supply Co.

Conratulations to Ian Ciesla on his new endeavor in a partnership to launch Papa Wolf Supply Co. in Dover New Hampshire! 

From the FB page:

Papa Wolf Supply Co. is a retail shop specializing in local, sustainable, handcrafted and quality made goods. Each item we carry has a unique story behind it and has been hand picked for its quality and character.

I asked Ian what was up, owner? He replied:
yes-part owner/contributer,
will have apparel,accessories, and other product in different categories/pricepoints-bringing authentic brands product to market-i will have some personal designs as well there-exciting stuff! will continue to post more details.
Click above to go to FB page
Don't forget the Ciesla design web site: http://ciesladesign.com
And also don't forget Ian's amazing sketch blog - Fancy You Fancy Me Fancy We - Ian still one of the top of the heap with a pencil and ink - sketches that just touch you with their insight.
It's quite a lot of fantastic work from a wonderful man, great designer and beautiful artist.
congratulations Ian!!