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Thursday, February 25, 2010

greg buntain: update 2/25/10

An update for Greg and his ongoing newest venture; as Creative Dirctor of "Tenet",
a lovely "lifestyle pop-up store" in Aspen Colorado, which as noted in the new york times magazine blog
Additionally, Greg has linked other ID alum with this project; Ian Collings, and Bernardo Guillermo & jude heslin-di leo, of Bear and Lion. All, by the way, from Brooklyn NY!
I copy the press release just issued to me by Greg as follows:

TENET seizes the opportunity to bring premium fashion to an underserved men’s market in the celebrated skiing and shopping town of Aspen, Colorado. Offering both established and emerging labels, founders Jesse Warren and Josh Warren set out to open a lifestyle pop-up store for the high season. TENET’s doors are now open and will bring an elevated aesthetic to Aspen through mid-April.
The 1300 sq. ft. space is in one of the most prestigious locations on S. Galena Street - neighboring Prada, Burberry, Polo, Gucci, Dior and Moncler. Designed and built out by owners and friends, the shop features 14-foot ceilings, exposed brick walls and whitewashed wood floors. Some of the store’s highlights include a white birch which is suspended horizontally from the ceiling along the center of the
store, a one-off burlap wrapped chandelier, mirrors framed with salvaged wooden banisters from Brooklyn and custom clothing racks made from industrial copper piping with cast brass fittings. In addition to men’s clothing (outlined below), TENET is selling lifestyle items like a mint condition 1989 Honda GB 500 Cafe Racer motorcycle, vintage cross country skis, snowshoes and a currated selection
of limited edition contemporary furniture. The 800 sq. ft. basement serves as a stock room and temporary studio space for Creative Director Gregory Buntain, who will be using the space to work on projects exclusively for TENET.
TENET carries a focused mix of downtown New York brands mixed with classic American heritage to cater to the haute mountain lifestyle. The store sells clothing by A.P.C., Rag and Bone, Apolis, Gitman Bros. Vintage, By Robert James, KRANE, Unis, Rogues Gallery, Isaora, Etiquita Negra, By Robert James, Patrick Dunaway and COTO along with bags and outerwear from Fjallraven, luggage and winter
gear from Filson and 1000 mile boots from Wolverine. Apart from menswear, the boutique carries select designers for women including Helmut Lang, Bodkin, Generation Love, and Adrienne Landau. TENET carries unique accessories from Tsovet, COTO, Kiel Mead, All For The Mountain, Elizabeth Yarborough, Matt Costa, and furniture and accessories from Gregory Buntain, Ian Collings, and Bear & Lion.
Throughout the season, TENET has been hosting rotating art exhibitions which started with a work by Cameron Gray and currently features work by Philippe Ramette.
Aspen Peak magazine, a Niche Media publication, co-hosted the launch party at TENET on Tuesday, December 29 with hors d’oeuvres and specialty drinks provided by Basil Hayden’s small-batch bourbon whiskey. Further events will be announced to coincide with the Aspen X Games and Aspen Fashion Week in February.
For more information, please contact inquiries@tenetshop.com or Jesse Warren at (516) 724-0121
307 South Galena Street
Aspen, Colorado

Friday, February 19, 2010

wes cox

Wes Cox (grad 2001) is now on tap here, in Brooklyn, doing some exciting things with his wry and mystical design abilities - He's been put on the job at Brooklyn Motorized www.brooklynmotorized.com - see the site for brief details - as a designer/pm for a "city-friendly electric motorcycle" project.
Wes also has a website of his own, see the links above - and a collaborative blog with his fiance; www.thersic.com which will also be linked below in the blog section.
Wes is an exceptional theorist, a visionary with space and details, and the man you want to execute a drawing of anything (see samples on his site).
I am very glad to have him here!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

miron lior - (with call for entries)

And we have Miron Lior (grad 07) who has been busy building a design empire from the year before he graduated with his accomplished and innovative shelf for Umbra, and now a continuation of that line - but I will let him tell you what he's been doing:
"I'm working on so many things at once now. First of all, I am preparing a whole new furniture collection to launch at ICFF'10. Ab 30 pieces. Under name FAKTURA design. None of it is on my portfolio page. There will be another site fakturadesign.com that will feature the collection probably in a month or two. I am sending you images of two pieces from this collection. One magazine table and one console table. BTW, pictures are taken by Luke Escamilla and pieces are fabricated with help of Lenin Hercules. I will not have more images until the photo shoot that will take place in beginning of April.

Also, I launched www.giftofdesign.com online gift store about 6 months ago. The idea is that I will offer at this site my own designs, products of my fellow designers and other products that I like. If you want you can issue a call to others to contact me if they have products that would be a good mach for the site. Store features will designed objects in the price range $20 - $100. The site is just gaining steam and more people need to know about the site for it be where I want it to be. Advertising is very expensive these days and sales are down everywhere, but I have patience. I got a really good response over the Holiday season. I like the site because it is a representation of my taste in design.

I decided to stay in Brooklyn after graduation. I tried working for design firms, but quickly understood that I'm not enjoying office atmosphere and better off designing independently. I produced several pieces that are on sale at VOOS. I took my S -table to an exhibition in Cologne and sold it to a gallery there. I exhibited Z - shelf at ICFF'08.

Conceal shelf is still going strong and after 4 years on sale it is actually selling more every year. It was featured in most design magazines and sold over half a million pieces in my estimation."

Miron, powerhouse of design and innovation. Please contact him regarding his GIFT OF DESIGN SITE above for opps to sell work.

Monday, February 15, 2010

kai williams & david messineo

Kai Williams (grad 2006) joins the IDalum blog! I am very very happy to report that Kai has been extremely active in the design/fabrication business and is the co-owner of a brooklyn based design/fabrication house named, Three Phase Studio LLC.
I have created a link to his site in the alum link section and have here a number of images which correspond to the descriptions he notes here, that I've copied below.

I am very pleased that I am able to post a link to this business and hope that all of you take advantage of Three Phase as a resource for your prototype and design fabrication needs - check out some of this work, and look at Kai's recent history and experience - phenomenal! I expect that Kai will soon explode onto the design scene with a mastery of fabrication tech. tied to his lightning hot sense of adventure, and show us things about our world we never thought possible!!

And from Kai directly:
"After I graduated Pratt I bounced around for a bit eventually getting a job as a freelance model builder for architectural models and then as an intern for 2x4, a graphic design company in the city. After that I became an assistant for Tom Sachs, an artist, eventually becoming his personal assistant. In the spring of '08 I left to start my own shop with David Messineo, a former Pratt student, though not a graduate. We do a combination of wood work and metalwork mostly for artists and architects. Our largest tool is our router which is about 26,000lbs large and allows us to compete with larger shops and really provide some of the longest dimension cnc work in New York."

"Images 6812 and 6813 are some tests for bracelets that I made, most of them out of some scrap HDPE that we got after machining a table for an artist.
6839 and 6842 are two shots of something of which I am really proud. Basically is is a sold walnut rolling rack for a clothing store on the lower east side.
Pictures 4 and 5 are from a airless air hockey set that I made in collaboration with a friend for a show at a store called pavilion in Chicago."

It is a very serious pleasure to post this new alum contact!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ana linares - Voos showing

Ana Linares and 5 other Pratt Grads will be showing their work at Voos tomorrow, Friday, 2/12/10 - please see the invite here, and don't forget to visit ana's website for updated press info for her work.
Note - We have a couple of the Pratt grads showing here on the ID alum blog, and more to come soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

ian collings

We welcome Ian Collings (grad 08) and his website is now up and posted here.
The experimental works are masterful blends of design, fine art and science - everything Ian was looking to dive into - congratulations are in order, and we may have some surprises from Ian in the near future!!
check out the site!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lenny - Updated 1/11/10

I have copied this updated from Josh Longo's blog - Please see below;

Lenny Bacich Update

A funeral has been planned by Lenny's family.

Date: Thursday, February 18th from 7-9 pm
Location: Morisco's Funeral Home at 30-12 Astoria Blvd.

Website: http://www.moriscofuneralhome.com/

The family is looking for photographs to be added into a slide show
to be played. We have set up an e-mail address to gather such media
if we could spread the word for students, friends and others to
contribute. ourlenny@gmail.com

* A CD with 2 of Lenny's favorite music artists has been requested if
someone has any suggestions.

For Lenny Bacich,
The sorrow for losing you pours in here from around the world.
What you have done, what you do, carries on, spreading joy through so many.
I am honored to have worked beside you.
I was always comfortable standing next to you.
That sort of thing, it's a rare pleasure for me, yet you offered it so easily.
thank you.