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Thursday, February 18, 2010

miron lior - (with call for entries)

And we have Miron Lior (grad 07) who has been busy building a design empire from the year before he graduated with his accomplished and innovative shelf for Umbra, and now a continuation of that line - but I will let him tell you what he's been doing:
"I'm working on so many things at once now. First of all, I am preparing a whole new furniture collection to launch at ICFF'10. Ab 30 pieces. Under name FAKTURA design. None of it is on my portfolio page. There will be another site fakturadesign.com that will feature the collection probably in a month or two. I am sending you images of two pieces from this collection. One magazine table and one console table. BTW, pictures are taken by Luke Escamilla and pieces are fabricated with help of Lenin Hercules. I will not have more images until the photo shoot that will take place in beginning of April.

Also, I launched www.giftofdesign.com online gift store about 6 months ago. The idea is that I will offer at this site my own designs, products of my fellow designers and other products that I like. If you want you can issue a call to others to contact me if they have products that would be a good mach for the site. Store features will designed objects in the price range $20 - $100. The site is just gaining steam and more people need to know about the site for it be where I want it to be. Advertising is very expensive these days and sales are down everywhere, but I have patience. I got a really good response over the Holiday season. I like the site because it is a representation of my taste in design.

I decided to stay in Brooklyn after graduation. I tried working for design firms, but quickly understood that I'm not enjoying office atmosphere and better off designing independently. I produced several pieces that are on sale at VOOS. I took my S -table to an exhibition in Cologne and sold it to a gallery there. I exhibited Z - shelf at ICFF'08.

Conceal shelf is still going strong and after 4 years on sale it is actually selling more every year. It was featured in most design magazines and sold over half a million pieces in my estimation."

Miron, powerhouse of design and innovation. Please contact him regarding his GIFT OF DESIGN SITE above for opps to sell work.

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