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Monday, February 15, 2010

kai williams & david messineo

Kai Williams (grad 2006) joins the IDalum blog! I am very very happy to report that Kai has been extremely active in the design/fabrication business and is the co-owner of a brooklyn based design/fabrication house named, Three Phase Studio LLC.
I have created a link to his site in the alum link section and have here a number of images which correspond to the descriptions he notes here, that I've copied below.

I am very pleased that I am able to post a link to this business and hope that all of you take advantage of Three Phase as a resource for your prototype and design fabrication needs - check out some of this work, and look at Kai's recent history and experience - phenomenal! I expect that Kai will soon explode onto the design scene with a mastery of fabrication tech. tied to his lightning hot sense of adventure, and show us things about our world we never thought possible!!

And from Kai directly:
"After I graduated Pratt I bounced around for a bit eventually getting a job as a freelance model builder for architectural models and then as an intern for 2x4, a graphic design company in the city. After that I became an assistant for Tom Sachs, an artist, eventually becoming his personal assistant. In the spring of '08 I left to start my own shop with David Messineo, a former Pratt student, though not a graduate. We do a combination of wood work and metalwork mostly for artists and architects. Our largest tool is our router which is about 26,000lbs large and allows us to compete with larger shops and really provide some of the longest dimension cnc work in New York."

"Images 6812 and 6813 are some tests for bracelets that I made, most of them out of some scrap HDPE that we got after machining a table for an artist.
6839 and 6842 are two shots of something of which I am really proud. Basically is is a sold walnut rolling rack for a clothing store on the lower east side.
Pictures 4 and 5 are from a airless air hockey set that I made in collaboration with a friend for a show at a store called pavilion in Chicago."

It is a very serious pleasure to post this new alum contact!

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