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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Erik Cooper - Eric Cooper Designs

     I'm pleased to bring to the ID alum another great designer and super guy, Erik Cooper! (pratt grad 2005) He's been very busy on the farm, literally...
      "Hey andy been a while....like 8 years! I put up a quick portfolio on carbonmade- http://erikcooper.carbonmade.com/I am doing well, I have much to add to it but for now it is something for folks to look at. I am working for Johnny Swing- I just designed and helped build his new art studio here in Southern VT. I am also working for Robert Dugrenier, and the production manager for a place called Soveren doing large solar installations in the great state of VT. I am also going to be one of 3 owners of a vegetable farm up here this summer called Grassy Brook Farms! Keep your eyes peeled for more! Hope all is well. E"

     Check out the site and check out the Sony Flake project - amazing. And check out the farm... you'll have to get to him on facebook for that! Unless perhaps he starts a farm blog, which sounds like a terrific idea... farm blog...
     Congrats, great living - super life & we're all so glad to see you working and thriving in design and life!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Colin Kilian - Show's in Chelsea this Thursday 1/19

This is a rare pleasure. A lot of years ago I had a student who pulled out of my portfolio class. He was the only one who ever did that. Nice guy, didn't say much, seemed to have things going on. I believed it was a mistake to pull out from the class. I was wrong. And I'm glad. He had stuff to do. It was Colin.
I recently saw Colin, at Josh Longo's show in Soho. He's back in New York making things. I recently saw his site, and his work. Colin's recent art may be some of the finest paintings/drawings I've ever seen, anywhere. He is doing something important, changing the landscape and language of painting, and thinking, and being. There is a serious conversation in these beautiful works, questions about what is real, what is perception, and how much can we see or know about ourselves and everything else. Looking at Colin's work is like having someone show you a cosmic secret. See his site below, or click on the work at the top of this feature, or see his site in alum list.

Colin Kilian (pratt grad 2003) is part of a group show this thursday, 6pm, at SS Project Space, 547 west 27th street, suite 210. Curated by Savannah Spirit. See link here: Artcat.com
He didn't mention how many works are showing, but it would be a mistake to miss this show.

Colin's website is orangeorangeorange.com
Check out this site, and then tell me how important this work is.

Congratulations on breathtaking achievements. I can't imagine what's to come! Brilliant.