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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gnatalie Hoover McLaurin - Call for Submissions!

Natalie has passed on this call for submissions - It is a pleasure to post this here;
Call for Submissions

I Am An Important Giant will be a collaborative group installation piece that will open to the public on November 13th 2010 in the Saint Claude Arts District in New Orleans. Using scale to create the effect of importance on the viewer, the works in I Am An Important Giant will be smaller than life installations.

Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin the exhibition will explore the importance of scale and the habit of equating scale with quality in art works.

A group installation piece. The basic idea is to make the viewer feel more important using scale. This past year Natalie has been working smaller because of moving, not having a studio and shipping work to out of state shows. It made her think about scale and that the importance of art is frequently equated with its scale.

She is using the Antenna Gallery (http://www.press-street.com/antenna), in the bywater area (http://www.scadnola.com/) of New Orleans. The show will be up from November 13 to December 5th 2010. This show is a part/satellite of Prospect 1.5, the New Orleans art show (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/p1_5.html). The idea is that this will become a biennial between the international biennial (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/).

The work should be doll house scale, 1:12, so that doll house furniture can be used to help the illusion of largeness. Of course if you have something that doesn't fall with in this scale already made you should send a picture with its scale. This is a chance to make something that full scale isn't possible for you because of time, money or, space. You might gain some understanding about how important scale is or isn't to your work.

The gallery will be set up like the viewer is walking through a canyon so the work will be closer to eye level. Please feel free to pitch in any ideas about how to handle the space, the sky, or ground. I Am An Important Giant is above and beyond all else a collaboration, the more minds pitch in the better! If an artist would like to take on a larger aspect of the space, such as the layout or design, proposals will be accepted.

September 1, 2010- Submission Deadline
October 15, 2010- Work delivered/shipped to 1912 Marais St. New Orleans LA 70116

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