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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Endrit Hanjro update & Porceain & Glass Manufacturers

Endrit has been blogged in Yanko Design

"Turn Me Upside Down

Hey now, no matter which way you orient this vase designed by Endrit Hajno, it’ll hold a flower. See, when a man comes over and brings you a dozen roses, this is the perfect vase. But what if he comes over with just one rose. First of all, dump him – that cheap ass. But being the kind person you are, you wait til’ after dinner to do so. For now, you just flip the vase over and display his single rose. Aww, bet that’ll make him feel special."

and has been getting a lot of blog press for his recent work - He can use some help from those in the industry;
Endrit is looking for prototype fabrication and possible short runs for one of his project; He notes:
" parameters: Porcelain slip, need prototypes, and possibly small runs if its worth it. 10in x 5in x 5in. Does not have to be local or US companies."
If you have had good experience with manufacturer please email me or Endrit - his site is listed above, thanks!

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