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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After the Fact - ICFF Alum

It is with regret that I post the ICFF calendar the last day of the show; I was out of town on an emergency all week and had been preparing this until I was unable to do so; So, with regret, I post this now, after the fact, at least so those who have shown will be known to all, andy

The ICFF lineup as of now:
Ana Linares - It's not me It's you;
"In relationships, conversations can get tabled, feelings get bottled and next thing you know, you’re summoned to having “the talk”. There’s no message that describes better a break-up than the one and only: “It’s not you, it’s me” or why not, “It’s not me, it’s you.” Sure, it’s super cool to rock your own name, but why not rock instead the uncomfortable phrase that follows a break-up?"

Uncomfortable Conversations
May 15-18, 2010 -10am - 6pm
803 Washington St.
New York, NY

Also Ana is showing at ICFF:
"I'd like to invite you all to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) from May 15th-18th, where I will be exhibiting one of my latest designs, the Duo Bookshelf.
Booth # 800 with the IDSA."
I hope to see you at the ICFF this weekend!

Greg Buntain - Noho Design District; the opening was this past saturday but the show is on:
"I would like to invite you to come see my latest chairs in a satellite show this weekend during ICFF/Design Week. The event is titled "Noho Next" and is part of the Noho Design District. The opening is this Saturday along with several other cool happenings in the neighborhood. There is a bar and DJ in our space so you wont need to go far for a good time."

Attached is the invite accompanied by some eye candy...come grab a drink, have a seat and talk about design.
NOHO Design District
Greg Buntain


1 // Partners & Spade, 40 Great Jones
2 // Areaware, 45 Great Jones, ground floor
3 // Roll & Hill, 45 Great Jones, 2nd and 3rd floors
4 // The Future Perfect, 55 Great Jones
5 // Japan Premium Beef, 57 Great Jones
6 // Noho Next, 350 Bowery
7 // Rogan, 330 Bowery
8 // Billy Reid, 54 Bond St.
9 // Oak, 28 Bond St.
10 // The Smile, 26 Bond St.
11 // Daryl K, 21 Bond St.
12 // Relative Space, 2 Bond St.

B, D, F, V to Broadway – Lafayette // 6 to Bleecker // R, W to Prince


Take the A train from 34 Street – Penn Station station heading downtown towards Lefferts Blvd
Get off at W4 Street – Washington Sq
Take the D train from W4 Street – Washington Sq station heading downtown towards Coney Island
Get off at Broadway – Lafayette
Walk north on Lafayette towards Bond Street

Chen Chen - "Lift, Hold, Roll"

The Future Perfect holding an ICFF show called Lift Hold Roll. The concept is based around three mechanical products that are essential to the process. These three objects are a pulley, a clamp, and a caster. The idea is to utilize any one of these objects in a project.



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