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Monday, September 6, 2010

Isaac Lubow

I am very happy to post this feature for Isaac Lubow (Pratt ID 2006) who has been very busy over the past few years getting into everything, everywhere in the design world, and across the planet we live on.

His website features the short modest note: "Isaac Lubow studied drawing at The Art Students League and industrial design at Pratt Institute. He was the recipient of the Taki Fuji International Art Award.

New York Magazine named his firm, Custom Resource, third in a list of eleven designers creating "the next garde".

He now lives and works in New York City and Bali, Indonesia."

Isaac is the co-founder of Custom Resource Ltd., a custom furniture and interior design house, established in 2006 with Billy Cotton, another Pratt grad, for which he remained until 2009. See the Website for details.
He is now living in Bali, doing freelance illustration, computer graphics and web development. His new website is growing with new projects;


Isaac has used his talent as a true renaissance artist, applying his artistic and design talent to every technology, high and low, to create strong, and witty as well as austere works of art and design. His C.V. is really something to see - I am glad to have him here with us!

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