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Friday, September 24, 2010

conie chiock & PotatoRooster

I am very happy to have Conie Chiock join us (grad pratt ID 06) with her new website PotatoRooster - super! and news about a new degree in mechanical engineering!
Conie moved back to Texas after graduating and is working as an art teacher with children at Katy-Visual-and-Performing-Arts-Center

She has very astutely combined her education talent, her arts & crafts talent and tied them to her idustrial design education and developed a new and intriguing resource named PotatoRooster
This is a new site, check it out - lend Conie your support, assistance and advice if you have any - I think it's a great look and a great idea and it seems to me that it fills a perfect niche for an expanding market and the potential seems limitless.

But enough of my words: Conie writes elegantly enough;
"The whole idea behind potatorooster was to develop a small design consultancy that focused on children design. From interior, to interactive, to custom furniture, to graphics.

My friend says that it is the master mind creation of an Industrial Designer, Teacher, and Engineer. For me it was just a way of being able to keep my artistic flair and adapting to my new environments upon moving to Texas! I moved to Texas, had a difficult time getting a design a job & has been teaching art & am currently working on my masters for mechanical engineering (and) in the spare time I enjoy consulting and helping people design things for their children.

The few products I have I want to market them with the idea of modern craft. The plush animals are handmade and each one of a kind. The way I have been doing them is on a custom order basis, the parent gives me a piece of clothing or blanket from their child and I turn it into a plush for them to keep.

Another custom product that has been pretty popular is the creation of graphic silhouettes, parents send in the side profile of their child and I create a graphic silhouette. The duckie bank is an original concept and design that I self cast and fire in my studio. The magnetic board concept targets a bit of an educational field, and the idea of being artistic in a 2d Media. I offer different boards one that has a body to play dress up, one that has a race track and comes with magnetic cars, and another one that comes with organic and geometric shapes for more free play!"

Congratulations to Conie! And when we all need help with Mech. engineering issues you now know where we'll be going! I look forward to hearing about the blossoming of this new venture!

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