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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jon Basile

Jon Basile, (grad 2006) one of the finest designers I have had the pleasure of knowing - a designer's designer and magician of transformative concept of as still undefined proportions - slightly elusive in space, time and being (hard to get a feature on) has been in touch recently living in Portland, and wrote, in part, as follows:

"Portland has treated me well the past few years. I moved out here for the lifestyle change, art/culture, awareness, locality, geography, and craftspeople.

I've been working and playing a ton! I try to be a weekend warrior and do at least a hike, climb, or ski in the winter. I live on a farm/vineyard with my girlfriend. We grow our own food and have some animals, I have a lot of space to build and create! It's a enchanting escape from the city.

I'v been working at, The Rebuilding Center(in N Portland), designing and building furniture, home decor, and custom work for locals and businesses. It's a non-profit organization driven by local used building materials. So some of the fine things i build are made from hand-reclaimed old-growth doug fir! As well as other reclaimed materials i find in the huge warehouse of reusable building materials. I also coordinate classes/workshops in my shop for the community. Like "how to" workshops.

Right now I'm working on designing and installing a display in the showroom space in the store. It's fun I have a lot of design and material freedom. I have a great shop/studio/tools to work with and in a great neighborhood downtown Portland.

I've also been drawing, painting, and building outside of work. Designing building stuff for the local wineries and restaurants .

From the Center's website:

"Contact ReFind Furniture
ReFind would love to answer your questions about our products, custom work, showroom, and more. Contact Jon Basile at refind@rebuildingcenter.org OR 503-445-1756.

The ReFind Furniture Showroom is located at 3625 N. Mississippi Ave., inside The ReBuilding Center. It is open Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Find directions here. The main phone number for The ReBuilding Center is 503-331-1877.

Our workshop is located at The ReBuilding Center and may be toured by appointment. Please contact our Communications Coordinator, communications@ourunitedvillages.org, for details.

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