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Friday, August 13, 2010

Update - Design Glut, Endrit Hanjno, Longoland

Design Glut's Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark have updated their Blog with new products and information,

Endrit Hajno, whom I bumped into at the last IDNY meetup event (where were you?), has had some press; an item in AU - online mag for Culture in Valencia, "Urban Agenda" http://au-agenda.com/es/valencia/articulo/1115_endrit-hajno.htm?PHPSESSID=f838267e94038bdb40ec1b4ecd5a4068

also seen here; http://issuu.com/au-agenda/docs/au_470610

Endrit has been working for a company designing Bamboo objects, and will be off to China shortly to facilitate manufacturing of his designs; more to come on the company and their products!

And Josh Longo - president, vice-president, secretary of state and activities director of Longoland has fantastic news and here it is, in his own words;

" Longoland was recently asked to design monsters by VCCP (ad agency)
for o2 (Euro Telecommunications). The monsters represent tariffs that the phone
companies impose on you, Flat-Rate, High Price, etc... There will be TV commercials, online ads, instore displays,
all covered in Longoland monsters, but only in Germany as of right now. Longoland is super excited to see his monsters
on TV and hopes to work on more commercial work soon!!!! Click the link below to see the commercial!!!!!

For those who haven' t seen my website in some time... I have a bunch of new work!!!!!


For those of you in Antwerp or close by, I have a solo show with lots of new work, sculpture, drawings, paintings
at RA space this coming November!!!!! I will keep you posted!!

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all!! super summer

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