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Thursday, July 1, 2010

josh longo - Update

An update in brief form about Josh Longo,
(see his blog, and his site links here)
Josh notes that he is very very busy on a new and exciting project to develop Characters for a European company that wants them for commercial application, and has already designed the lot of them, and has agreed on licensing terms (know you know who to ask) and is now negotiating expanded rights for other countries!
In fact, they liked the characters so much, they want merchandising rights!

And, you may well know, Josh is teaching at Pratt, and will be having a solo show in Antwerp this fall - so his marvelous creature career is blossoming, and the longoland landscape is growing on target, as we all knew it would!

And don't forget to check the site: the muscle paintings are fantastic; one here as header - see it! Super! Congratulations Josh!!

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