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Sunday, January 17, 2010


This post is to request Pratt ID alum and current Pratt students to submit images of furniture designs that use only one (1) single material in an innovative matter.
The submission request has been made by a Pratt Alum, who will use the image collections as part of a proposal for the curation of a design show for I.C.F.F.
This is not a competition, nor is it a call for entries or submissions to a established show, that may come if the preliminary samples help win the curatorial position.
Remember; furniture, one single material, innovative manner.
Please assist us with this proposal, please copy ID alum, Pratt students, and faculty who can pass this on to other students.
I don't have a schedule/deadline as of yet, so ASAP would be best.
Please send jpgs to my gmail addres; andy.roberto@gmail.com
thanks, more to come - I will meet with curator this week.

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