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Saturday, January 16, 2010

additonal links and IDNY update

There are now a few additional links under associates, friends, and good eggs. Some personal gestures and a few networking items that are good resources;

IDNY meetup; Zach Feltoon just spoke at this month's meetup and it is a very good resource social/design network organization. There were numerous Pratt ID alum there from a spread of years. It is free to join and meets once a month, but the website is also a good platform to communicate issues, features and other info for your business, etc. By the way, Zac did a terrific job and it is obvious he is becoming a force in the local design culture.

The Brooklyn Arts Council is a very good local resource for designers/artists. There is a register so you can post your business link info and update the daily posts with any feature info you might want to share. This posting has various opportunities such as calls for entries for fine art and design among other things.

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (and any other local Chamber of Commerce) is always a good resource for business opportunities in the area. You can become a member or simply sign up for the monthly news letter, or visit the site. If you have a business, the chamber is a good idea for joining. I noticed that Bernardo of Bear and Lion is a member if I remember correctly.

I will add to this list when I have a chance.

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