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Friday, November 27, 2009

ana linares

Ana Linares is thriving in the design world and has two new products and has given some info here, again don't forget to see her website link.
Ana says:

By experimenting with different materials Ana Linares created Velora, a pattern that allows laser cut steel to be transformed into a three-flower-shaped form that holds a tealight. Velora can be placed in different arrangements to beautifully accent dining tables indoors or outdoors or to complement your interior design.
Available through analinaresdesign.com and stores in New York City.

Duo bookshelf:

The Duo bookshelf has a particular way of holding your books by creating an illusion of lightness.
Available through analinaresdesign.com and stores in New York City.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ana linares, ian ciesla

ID alum blog is picking up steam; Ana Linares - Grad 2007 - is joining us, I hope to have some more info and images soon, her link is now up here. Ian Ciesla - Grad 2008 - is now here with coroflot link and blog link; it's a storm of illustrative brilliance. Bernardo Guillermo and Jude Heslin-di Leo are now linked with their site for Bear and Lion, with images and updates coming - also soon to follow Josh Corey, Ian Collings, Zach Feltoon and David Wright hopefully, and I'm casting out a line for Zach Cranfield, among others for now.
best Thanksgiving wishes from Andy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

furniture bound

Pat Fricke, grad 2008, now designing furntiure for the reknown Krueger International (KI). Products currently being manufactured;
Sela lounge collection (KI)He has done work with; Facebook, Microsoft, Ebay, FBI and Giancarlo Piretti on a redesign. See his website link here, but also see his profile on Coroflot. It has more to offer than his website which is a work in progress.
Great professional strides, depth, clarity.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2008 & 2001

Recent correspondences;
Eli Simon, graduated 2008 currently at (sorry-correction) RISD in the Graduate Ceramics program - see his blog link below. We congratulate him for the large move and the dedication to career, vision and family.

Stephen Floyd, graduated 2001 currently having his first solo fine art show in the USA, at Heist Gallery, nyc, among other world-wide showing firsts this year. See his website link. Congratulations Stephen. Epic, iconic, irreverant, always.

Friday, November 13, 2009

from afar

The first image of ID alumni from Pratt institute is from Victor Monserrate, with a write up in 3rings.designerpages.com - see his coroflot link and his blog in the blog list. From Sao Paulo with the Campana Brothers, to Puerto Rico, working hard as ever. Graduated Pratt I.D. 2008.


This blog is dedicated to all the industrial design students, instructors, professors and practicing designers who have dared to take action, promote dreams, and leap with faith into the wealth of the future.

I hope this forum helps keep the talent fingertip to fingertip. I believe it will, there has been a sounding; so many of you have been searching and finding and making and then coming back and sharing. My own work, ideas and dreams are more substantial, have more depth, profundity and joy because of it. I believe that everyone who shares here will agree.

I ask that you gather and share. Please help find your peers: there are those of you who touch base regularly, occassionally, infrequently, and others who orbit at great distances and send messages at wide intervals; I am grateful. For those we have lost, misplaced... if you can direct contact to this blog for those alum, associates, friends that have lost touch with me directly, but remain in touch with you, please send them here. If you would like your links put up, let me know. If you have news to share, things to say, contacts to make, let's get on with it! If it's a stinker we can it!