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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

zach arlan - the kissing club

Zach Arlan's Band, Kissing Club, has been on tour - and will be in New York this Saturday. Zach writes;
"if anyone wants to be on the list for the kissing club show on saturday in NY, let me know :)"
You can find the band's myspace site:


and the facebook site:

As taken from the facebook page:

Hometown: NYC, NY

Genres: Folk / Experimental / Grunge

Members: Always: Jake, Sometimes: Anna, Adam, Zach, Pierce, Chris, Dusty, Mike, Ben The Kissing Club is quiet, contemplative, raucous and sweaty. Always fun, never dull, absorbing and unique. Imagine Neil Young, Kimya Dawson, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley, and the Del McCoury Band sharing a barbeque in a public park. New E.P. called Hooks is out now.

This summer, hitting the road with 100 Monkeys and the Bleeding Horse Express for a Coast to Coast US tour, and releasing a new E.P., Little Acorn

It is very super!! congratulations to Zach and the band!!

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