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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Karn Piana - Pinchyandfriends.com

Karn Piana is friend and associate. He is a man who is so enigmatic I long ago gave up on trying to understand what he is about, what his work is about, what his vision of the universe is about, and decided instead to simply enjoy being a part of it, and experience it. WE laugh a lot. Wanted to share him with all of you. His "OLD CAVE", "PYROPLASTIC DEFORMATION", and "SUPERGROUND" have been on the blog list at the bottom of this blog for a couple of years; worth revisiting. His website is in the Good Egg links section.


      I think you will enjoy some of these new mixes I made: Books on Tape 1 -6: here. Volume 5 has an appearance from Mr. Beckett.

      Say! that's some great shit! I'm going to have to set some time aside - very intriguing - I love the fact that I feel completely lost with each passing moment, and so must be stuck in each uncomfortable moment until it either becomes comfortable, or doesn't, it either carries me into it or doesn't, brings me to a meditative or transformative state - but that is just because it was such a surprise - so familiarity will be required. I will have to listen to these while I paint.
      My only foray into acousical arts was when I decided to find the "beast" in the city - I taped a recording device to my wrist and went through the day in the city - turning it on and off at varied intervals - what i got from it was so frighteningly chaotic, i would say psychotic - that i had to abandon the project within days.
     I think your project is a pleasant one - still filled with the Karn brand of humor, wry assaults, and transcendent pathways that are so familiar in your visual work.
sweet - I'll let you know when I have listened to more; maybe I will meditate to this if possible.
thanks for the new window!

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