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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Daniel Stevens - New Website

Congratulations to Daniel & his launch of his new website!
Daniel has been busy creating and submitting designs to Threadless in his spare time - For the above design he notes:

"Currently the #3 design out of 120 folks!!! Yay!! Share the link with friends so they can vote or possibly fund the design ($20+free shipping). The design will be sold on the site if:
- I win the competition
- 50 people fund
- My score is so high they decide to sell the shirt even though I lost."

from his site, he notes:

Brooklyn Artist/Designer Daniel Allen Stevens has 8 years of professional experience as a Designer and Illustrator. He's loaned his talents to the toy industry, home decor industry and apparel industry. 
The list of brands and companies Daniel's worked with consists of small startup companies to big name companies like; Disney, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Nickelodeon.

Congratulations on the site Daniel!

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