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Monday, February 8, 2016

Rachel Tublitz - Tublitzed

Tublitzed is the work and play of Rachel Tublitz

I'm a designer and front-end engineer with 8 years of professional experience.

Rachel graduated Pratt ID in 2008
Her website,  Tublitzed  is a direct and masterful 
realization of the intelligent designer, sharp artist, and easy playfulness
that Rachel wields so deftly. A few samples from her
site: Click on images to go to site.

click on the text above to meet the team! Will make you smile!

Rachel has some lovely images - the presentation on the Photos Page of images practically woven together, is startlingly beautiful. A couple here:

When asked if she'd like anything featured, this simple sentence; "I'd say....I'm working on the web building interactive software, living in NC's triangle area. You can feel free to pull whatever off the site if you want."

Well, yes. "It's simple, but it says it." Check out the site. And Tublitz & Tots - which is a lovely!!

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