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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Daniel Stevens

Daniel Stevens has a new website DAS DESIGN and it is a remarkable site filled with many of Daniels graphics, illustrations, patterns and more - work that I have been watching him lovingly and passionately generating over the past few years. He's been a busy man. 
Daniel notes on his site;

Founder Daniel Allen Stevens has 10 years of professional experience as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He's loaned his creative talents to the toy industry, home decor industry and apparel industry. 
The list of brands/companies and retailers Daniel's worked with consists of small startup companies to big name companies.

...Companies like Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks... and it shows. He regularly posts his submissions to Threadless,  

and the works above and below are only a few of those that he has available for sale. He's got an incredible eye (I think my main response to his work has been, "how did you do that!?) and a fresh view of branding, logo design, patterns, character development and illustration. It's wonderful to see the new site coming together. Congratulations Daniel! 


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