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Saturday, July 24, 2010

pat fricke - update

Pat has been very busy as a furniture designer for KI; His Sela Lounge chair sold over 2 million units the first year! He has been working on a very beautiful furniture system, and has immersed himself as a serious player in the international world of Furniture design! Letting him speak:

"i am doing well, still working at KI. i was just at neocon, the office system i have been designing for the past 2 years was finally released this year. it was very well received. it is still a work in progress. i am coming out with a line of break pressed sheet metal parts to accompany the system, as well as some aluminum extrusions. it is safe to i am learning an amazing amount.
I recently redesigned my Serenity screen divider and a woman in florida purchased it- took 4 years to make a sale, but i did it!
the Sela lounge collection i designed for KI last year has sold over 2 million in sales in the first year, and is on the way to becoming the highest selling lounge chair at KI.
I ran into Tim Richardz at neocon, gave him a tour of our showroom and all the products in it. it was good show him ive made it full circle, and toned it down a bit haha.
i went to dinner with Jeff weber the other night at neocon, the codesign of the Aeron and Embody chair. i cant say enough positive things about him and in the short time ive known him what ive learned. that's an experience i never thought i would have, actually all of this is in one way or another. and it's all thanks to you, Tim and the rest of my professors at Pratt, so thank you for giving me the tools i needed to get to where i am and where im headed. "

Well thanks, I am very happy to post this update, Pat's work is the kind of realization of effort that every professor hopes for, and his achievements to date are spectacular! Thanks Pat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

michelle ladin

I am very pleased to have Michelle Ladin (grad 06) featured here! One of Pratt's most personable, professional and genuinely passionate design alums, she has been very busy professionally, artisically, and socially, and as usual, I'll let her speak directly;
"It has been 4 years since I was in your senior ID portfolio class. I am now the SHARP Brand Manager / Product and Packaging Designer for M.Z.Berger&Co. I design and develop Digital Alarm Clocks, Atomic Weather Station and Radio/MP3 players under the SHARP, NELSONIC and E-TECH brands. My designs have been placed in; Sam's Club, Office Max, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Kmart, PCH and Meijer.
Check out my work on Coroflot: http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_details.asp?individual_id=87558

My side passion is photography. I have been working on a Street Art photo series since I graduated Pratt and moved to Williamsburg.
(From Trendhunter.com) "Photographer Michelle Ladin is documenting the street art of Williamsburg in the photo series above. Ladin says that her project aims to “[capture] the people’s art—in the moment—before it is washed away, torn down or covered up.” By photographing graffiti and street art before it is covered up, Michelle Ladin protects the legacy of “trend setters, the abstract, graffiti artists, the right to free speech, stencil, paste, spray, post and slap.”
Check out my post on Trend Hunter: http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/michelle-ladin

I love getting up early and walking around my neighborhood taking photos of freshly posted stickers and graffiti. Capturing the art before it can be ripped down or painted over gives me great satisfaction.
Check out my Street Art photograph on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michelleladin/sets/72157605183932120/

I am very happy to have Michelle here, and in the neighborhood too! She is a powerful force and uplifting spirit, congratulations on the wonderful work!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on the way

updates and new ID alum to come shortly; Michelle Ladin, Isaac Lubow, Tiffany Baker, Brian Hurvitz and more info on our all time, IDalum champ and #1 man, Patrick Fricke!
just a bit washed under right now...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

zach cranfield - position available for soft-goods designer

Zach Cranfield posts:
I was recently contacted by a recruiting agency about a soft goods designer position at an outdoor/action sports company in the Salt Lake area. If you or someone you may know may be interested, forward your contact info to me and I will pass it on. Looking to hear back this week if possible.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Check him on Face, or try these, one work one personal.
"Zach Cranfield" zach@romesnowboards.com
"zach cranfield" zcranfield@yahoo.com

Friday, July 2, 2010

miron lior - update

Miron has launched a new website featuring a new line of lovely furniture and notes,
"I launched FAKTURA at ICFF'10 and went to Neocon right after. Check out the collection, all designs are mine. So far response is great."
see the link here, and now above;

I have to put his bio here - I just love this;

Miron Lior (www.mironlior.com) has stormed the world of design in 2007 upon graduation from PRATT Institute. His first product on the market, The Conceal Shelf produced by Umbra, debuted at ICFF in 2006 and became a hit, won several awards and garnered international acclaim. In 2008 Miron opened his own studio, focusing on product design while maintaining the capacity to create custom furniture and objects.

Miron's designs can be described as Expressive Minimalist, notable for the elegant balance he achieves between form and function, while keeping his pieces exciting and engaging. The work reflects his continuing interest in the interchange between design and contemporary culture, as well as his belief in the importance of sustainable design practice.

Miron’s designs reflect his international background. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Miron has lived and studied in Israel and the United States. His studies have touched upon fields as diverse as Information Technologies and Engineering, Cultures of the Far East and Art History. After trying his hand in the more technical professions, he found his path to self-expression and fulfillment in furniture and product design. Miron was awarded several international honors for various designs, and his work has been carried by galleries and museums such as the MOMA and MAD Museum. Miron now lives and works in New York. He is also a professional DJ.

congratulations on the site, the lovely furniture and the brilliant storming!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

josh longo - Update

An update in brief form about Josh Longo,
(see his blog, and his site links here)
Josh notes that he is very very busy on a new and exciting project to develop Characters for a European company that wants them for commercial application, and has already designed the lot of them, and has agreed on licensing terms (know you know who to ask) and is now negotiating expanded rights for other countries!
In fact, they liked the characters so much, they want merchandising rights!

And, you may well know, Josh is teaching at Pratt, and will be having a solo show in Antwerp this fall - so his marvelous creature career is blossoming, and the longoland landscape is growing on target, as we all knew it would!

And don't forget to check the site: the muscle paintings are fantastic; one here as header - see it! Super! Congratulations Josh!!