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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eli Simon; Dazzle Ships & going forward

Eli Simon, if you are following his blog, you have seen some of his lates fabulous ceramic works. Eli is currently planning his post-grad career after RISD, he notes:
"Also I'm teaching a lot and writing my thesis. I would love to send it to you when I have a good draft. The work I've been doing is essentially a lead in to the thesis body. I will send you info regarding the RISD thesis show, which is large to say the least, when it gets closer."

And regarding the Dazzle Ships works, as quoted from the show:
"Dazzle Ships is the collision of a primordial material in an industrial framework. Using basic geometric typology as a backdrop for fantasy, I use the notion of Genetic Engineering as the ultimate metaphor for the future fiction. It asks us to dispense with our essential nature/identity for something perceived as better. In an industrialized context better equates to uniform. Therefore, in the same way that Genetic Engineering invades and applies order at the point of human inception, my work invades industrial process at the point of form generation and leaves a human hand print, like graffiti on mechanized notions of 'progress'. Protracting the void between the hand and the machine allows me to exist and create in a space that is referential of industrial capability but free from the confines of uniformity and repetition.
- Show quoted text "

Eli is weighing his options, residency, design studio, design/artist employment - His family is well, and I wish him the best.

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