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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zach Feltoon - Napkin Bling; Vote on Style Factory!

Zach Feltoon has his design, Napkin Bling, on Style Factory blog for votes for fabricaton and sales:
as quoted in the blog voting area: http://blog.stylefactory.com/new-products/stylefactory-vote-napkin-bling/

"Nothing is more satisfying than when something works double-duty; by adding contemporary glamour into the mix, the Napkin Bling guarantees to delight.

Designed by Zachary Feltoon to serve as “Interior Jewelry,” the Napkin Bling first presents itself as a gleaming stainless steel napkin ring. Once the textile is removed, place the ring back on the table and it transforms into a tiny tabletop sculpture, ready to serve as a meal-enhancing utensil rest.

Inspired by the concept of adornment, Zachary Feltoon uses the Napkin Bling to explore the notion of personal expression through self-decoration.

Finding inspiration in our use of clothing, jewelry and footwear as beautification tools, Feltoon looks to the objects that we place in our interiors to serve the same purpose: to speak to our personal expression of individuality.

Enhance the beauty of your surroundings by clicking on the Make It to bring the Napkin Bling to your table"

OKay - let's vote along!

Also - Zach's updated website: zacandco.com , check it out, very nice indeed!! Congrats Zach!

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