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Thursday, September 15, 2011

stephanie Intelisano -Upward, Westward!

As most of you know, we lose Steph to the west coast. She moves with Jason to San Franciso.
She notes in a recent email;
Jason was offered a one year teaching position at Ringling School of Art and Design (Teaching Jr. animation and game art student character and environment design) He was offered the position on a Friday and expected to be there the following Saturday- a happy girlfriend i was not. About a week before he was offered the job I got a call from a head hunter regarding a job in San Francisco. Within 3 weeks I flew out and had an offer for the Sr.Packaging Engineer position that was open. The offer was pretty impressive and the job is right in line with what i want-design heavy- but still building on the technical manufacturing skills that ive gained at L'Oreal. I'm super excited to leave NJ and move back to a city. Leaving my family will be the hardest part...

She notes some of her L'Oreal projects will launch shortly and will update with some of the print ads for the blog. Check out her sketches, they are supreme. She is a master with a pencil, and has talent just bursting in every direction! Those folks are in for a tremendous wave of good fortue! Congrats on the move!

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