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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dana Young

Dana Young has been very busy. Just try tracking her schedule of events on her site, the band, the jewelry, the comics, the Blog, the sculptures... the bounty of creativity that fuels her fire is truly magnificent! Check this: And see the link for her blog too! And see below for some links of her work. The videos are uncanny!


She was recently in China for her job as a senior jewelry designer, and notes in a recent email:

At work, I am running a small team of designers and sample makers at my current position and it is really good. We just landed a Macy's account which is huge for the company so needless to say, I have been completely swamped. :)

Meanwhile, my bandmate and I are working on a video and album release this year. I created a comic book that we are releasing with a digital download.
The band website: http://www.facebook.com/l/uAQBifMEkAQBMh8WA-FUfbsGPjY_GqCcpaJZF_butvAiL4w/www.littlecommabig.com

Here are a couple links to jewelry (the HSN ones have reviews and also have a video of the products, which is cool)




http://www.facebook.com/l/zAQD0wDc3AQAFKrqPhxfB70smRNexgXySNNBsSQRtne30vw/www.bostonproper.com/product/Prussian-romance-earring/832984/sc/180/c/65/pc/45.uts - i like that they are calling it prussian... the inspiration was steam punk.

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