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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Longoland at Cappellini for Pictoplasma NYC!

Joshusa Ben Longo will be showing at Cappellini November 3 thru 6, with an opening on November 3rd at 6pm... (yes, it's on the invite). Just amazing.
He's been, well:
"I have an opening at the Cappellini showroom in Soho November 3rd. It is a conjuction with the Pictoplasma character design

I asked him how he managed that magic trick, he notes:
"I'm speaking at the Pictoplasma conference November 5th. I have doing a few panels and talks recently about general encouragement and design.

They hooked me up with cappellini.. Pretty sweet deal...
I will be showing some new & old work at the Cappellini NYC showroom November 3rd with the amazing Genevieve Gauckler!!!! I will be speaking Saturday November 4th at 6pm.

You should check out the site; vast. amazing.

also; check out his site: http://www.rumbletoid.com/

and don't forget the blog link as well at http://www.longoland.com/

Another powerhouse of creativity!! Congratulations, and see you there!

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