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Friday, February 25, 2011

Chen Chen showing at Moss

It is a serious thrill to post this feature for Chen Chen - A designer with a strong sense of what is moving the street, He's a sharp-eyed visionary, sensitive and filled with humor - I am grateful to be able to present this milestone!

You've probably already seen the news, but for those who haven't, Chen Chen will Be showing his new vase designs at Moss -
He notes in his invite:

"Time Thursday, March 3 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location Moss
150 Greene St.
New York, NY

Created By Chen Chen

More Info Come drink cheap white wine with me. I have a full case of vases at Moss.

Send an email to RSVP@mossonline.com '"

Congratulations Chen!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zach Feltoon - Napkin Bling; Vote on Style Factory!

Zach Feltoon has his design, Napkin Bling, on Style Factory blog for votes for fabricaton and sales:
as quoted in the blog voting area: http://blog.stylefactory.com/new-products/stylefactory-vote-napkin-bling/

"Nothing is more satisfying than when something works double-duty; by adding contemporary glamour into the mix, the Napkin Bling guarantees to delight.

Designed by Zachary Feltoon to serve as “Interior Jewelry,” the Napkin Bling first presents itself as a gleaming stainless steel napkin ring. Once the textile is removed, place the ring back on the table and it transforms into a tiny tabletop sculpture, ready to serve as a meal-enhancing utensil rest.

Inspired by the concept of adornment, Zachary Feltoon uses the Napkin Bling to explore the notion of personal expression through self-decoration.

Finding inspiration in our use of clothing, jewelry and footwear as beautification tools, Feltoon looks to the objects that we place in our interiors to serve the same purpose: to speak to our personal expression of individuality.

Enhance the beauty of your surroundings by clicking on the Make It to bring the Napkin Bling to your table"

OKay - let's vote along!

Also - Zach's updated website: zacandco.com , check it out, very nice indeed!! Congrats Zach!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Natalie Mclaurin - Website & New call to artists!

Busier than ever, Natalie is pushing for new curatorial endeavours as well as preparing for Grad School opportunities, she is currently curating another show at the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans: See below!

“My Mom says my work has really improved” call to artists
Opening May 14 from 6-9 and closes June 5th at 5pm
At Antenna Gallery 3161 Burgundy St. New Orleans, LA

Children are interesting creatures that perceive the world in ways we forget as adults.
Looking for work that uses/recreates/interprets meaning, subject matter, and/or elements from personal childhood artwork or designs in all mediums. The childhood artwork or an image of it will be displayed with the current piece.

Images of completed work sent by April 20th sent to nataliemclaurin@gmail.com
It is a hard deadline this time because this show is going to have more like 10 people in it, not 36.
I am going to hold off on yes and no's because I want to pick work that fits with the other work. I am hoping to find people that already make work like this and have a few pieces that are made for the show specifically.
Please forward on to anyone you think might be interested.

Eli Simon; Dazzle Ships & going forward

Eli Simon, if you are following his blog, you have seen some of his lates fabulous ceramic works. Eli is currently planning his post-grad career after RISD, he notes:
"Also I'm teaching a lot and writing my thesis. I would love to send it to you when I have a good draft. The work I've been doing is essentially a lead in to the thesis body. I will send you info regarding the RISD thesis show, which is large to say the least, when it gets closer."

And regarding the Dazzle Ships works, as quoted from the show:
"Dazzle Ships is the collision of a primordial material in an industrial framework. Using basic geometric typology as a backdrop for fantasy, I use the notion of Genetic Engineering as the ultimate metaphor for the future fiction. It asks us to dispense with our essential nature/identity for something perceived as better. In an industrialized context better equates to uniform. Therefore, in the same way that Genetic Engineering invades and applies order at the point of human inception, my work invades industrial process at the point of form generation and leaves a human hand print, like graffiti on mechanized notions of 'progress'. Protracting the void between the hand and the machine allows me to exist and create in a space that is referential of industrial capability but free from the confines of uniformity and repetition.
- Show quoted text "

Eli is weighing his options, residency, design studio, design/artist employment - His family is well, and I wish him the best.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

kimberly lewis - blog launch -

I am very proud to post Kimberly's next step in following her design passion! Please follow her new blog: http://kimberlylewis.net/blog/

Where she introduces herself and her past and recent activities: She notes,
"Kimberly Lewis jumped into the world of home furnishing and textile design with a series of internships for companies including Twenty2, Sunham Home Fashions, and Kim Seybert. She has worked with the Macy’s Merchandising Group, designing print and patterns for their private tableware and Frango candy lines for their Fall ‘08 season and Valentine’s Day ‘09. Since 2008 she has been working for Estée Lauder Companies at Clinique, creating packaging, patterned makeup bags, and custom compacts that are sold at Clinique counters worldwide.

In addition to the companies listed, Kimberly has sold her original line of handmade felt applique pillows at craft fairs around NYC, including Brooklyn Renagade and the Brooklyn Flea. Always thinking of what is next, Kimberly’s next endeavor is already in the works, this time in the form of her own print and patterns as wall coverings with a twist.

Kimberly graduated from Pratt Institute in 2008 with a B.I.D. in Industrial Design, and has studied textile design at The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. She currently lives in Brooklyn, N.Y."

Very lovely blog! Please stay in touch with Kimberly, support her business w with your advice and assistance!