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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dylan Schibanoff

Dyla Schibanoff recently contacted me and I'm glad to now include him here in the ID alum blog! He's been a busy man! Check out his website; he's got quite a bit of work, and his travel log is something to drool over!
PS - check the paintings!

I have been working at Reebok since graduation.  I've been able to design more shoes than I can count, travel extensively, and spend time with professional athletes.  My most recent notable project is a special custom pair of shoes I did for the tallest man in America.  Hopefully you'll check out my site and see a few things that interest you.

See Dylan's website here: http://www.dylanschibanoff.com/

Dylan, thanks for joining us! It's a pleasure to see you and your work!

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