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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Michelle Ladin & NY Smash Design

Michelle Ladin has had her new business, NY Smash Design,  up and running now since September 2012. She's been using her extensive experience to present a remarkably rounded cache of services to clients; From the NY Smash Design website:

Michelle Ladin is the Creative Director and Owner of New York Smash Design. A seasoned Product Development Brand Manager and Industrial Design graduate of the Pratt Institute. She has an extensive background in the consumer home goods and small electronics industries.  Michelle has designed products and packaging for SHARP, NELSONIC, Jelly Belly, Louise Carey, Saturday Evening Post, American Atelier and Crystal Clear.  She has traveled to Bentonville and China to consult with top vendors, packaging suppliers and sample makers and Is available to travel for consultations. Her designs have been placed in stores such as Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, BB&B, Office Max, K-Mart, Meijer, PCH, Dollar General and are available on store websites.


Design Services:
Concept Development, Brain Storming, Market Research, 2D Design, Concept Sketching, Graphic Design, Logos, 2D Color Product Renderings, 3D Design, Control Drawings, 3D Renderings, Foam Models, Prototypes, Packaging Design, 3D Packaging Mock-ups, Packaging Printer Ready Files, Product Photography.

Check out the site:

Another NYC design powerhouse! Congratulations Michelle!

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