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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Isaac Lubow & Soma Helmi

What has Isaac Lubow been doing since we saw him at Pratt? 
(See the previous posting on Isaac for more history) 
Living in Indonesia, working hard as a Web/Creative/Graphic designer & writer, with Soma Helmi, filmmaker.
his website: http://isaaclubow.com - very sweet work.

and just because this made me spit my coffee across the room with joy when I saw it;
a young but already fully knowing - see the eyes - Lubow. Whom I may remember passing on the streets in LES before I even knew him.

From the facebook posting if you missed it:

These winning pair were on their way to London to receive yet another award for a television commercial they made. Just in 2013 alone, they have traveled to Sydney and Cannes to receive awards for filmmaking. They had a 7-hour layover in KLIA from Denpasar and I was very excited to take them out for a good stuffing. Glad to say that they are pretty efficient at demolishing the porky feast the restaurant laid out in front of us. I introduced them to BKT in my mafia neighbourhood, then we went to the supermarket to get some fish for the cat before chilling out at : poesy's art studio : till it was time to shuttle them off to KLIA express.

Soma Helmi Filmmaker did the trailer for Bald Empathy Movement in 2010, while Isaac Lubow, her writer boyfriend hailing from Brooklyn, has been writing for her projects. Together they have been nominated and won quite a number of MOFILM awards for a string for international brand giants. So proud of them

here is the trailer: 

I would so much like to hear more from this kind and gentle man, sensitive artist, whom I remember so fondly! Congrats Isaac!

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