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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Luis Carlos Reyes - update

As a follow up to the blog entry about Luis and his doings: I forgot to note one thing; Luis could have chosen any path he wanted to in the design world, his ability and vision are astounding, his manner defines professionalism and kindness - the exploitation of those talents were there to use for his own ends - instead, well... this is what he wrote to me (I hope he doesn't mind that I've shared):

"The school is a one man show, the idea is to have locals understand how hard it is to throw and build with clay. Most clients receive an invite, and eventually they realize all the process involved in the making of their commissions. The research was done with great results, it happens to be that piece of earth i call home is huge in minerals for pottery making. Obviously research never ends, Its been one year now. Right now, I moved the kiln closer to the city (Bucaramanga). The new site is pretty big, I have lots of work space, and share the site with a couple of designers and a photographer. The main house was transformed into a gallery. In order to create some conscience in design, I am working in a series of sculptures, pics coming soon, that will be displayed in our space. Just like with the ceramic school, I am trying to have the locals understand what was taught at Pratt, the profound side of design."

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