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Monday, December 14, 2009

Erin Bradt (and others behind the scenes)

The ID alum blog grows - behind the scenes, and soon to be a part of the blog: Kai Williams, Josh Corey, Layla Hassoun, and Paul Genberg.

Erin Bradt; Is also in New Hampshire working as a designer for Timberland and she notes that she is, "Just getting her new project out to market - (the) Yele Haiti project with Wyclef Jean- They are earth keeper boots that are made with silver rated tannery leather (tanneries that meet a certain standard for the their chemical processes, and waste managment) and canvas that is made from organicly ground cotton, and rubber that is made from recycled tires- they came out pretty cool and have been pretty popular! (see attached)I am also being sent to the factory in the Dominican Republic next week to work with the factory..."
And, by the way Erin is also excited to be working part time in a french cooking school, and is active in pursuing her freelance work - perhaps more to come on that soon. Please see the image of the Yele haiti project posted here.

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