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Friday, December 4, 2009

(g)natalie hoover mclaurin

Been in contact with Gnat Mclaurin grad 05, she's been very busy lately, noting in her last email the other day;
"I left brooklyn this summer and went to north carolina, florida, tn, new orleans, austin, tulsa, new mexico, arizona, san fransico and portland oregon. then I came back to nyc for 3 weeks to work at the guggenheim as a exhibit fabricator and then I moved to new orleans late september . I worked there last fall as an art preparator for prospect one and I fell in love with the city. I am doing some random work and getting involved with any art projects that come my way."
She's been busy as an art preparator, fabricator, and has been making soft sculpture.She is also a member of the BD Art Collective in Brooklyn, NY. I have copied her blog gnatawho.blogspot.com on this site, and she is working on a website. I look forward to hearing about her adventures in New Orleans!

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