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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chrissy Angliker

Chrissy Angliker announces a show!

Hi Dear Friends!
A bunch of my paintings, older and very new works are gona be in a group show, opening this coming thursday, July 1st, over in San Fran. I'm going out there for the opening. The show is going to be pretty psychedelic! YES! If any of you are in San Fran you should come!!!!OMG, California Dreaming!! See Chrissy's facebook event notice:
Face book event ART OPENING "Better Weather"
And see 111minnagallery.com

brian kang - update

Brian Kang has the pleasure of presenting a feature of one brilliant design in Telerama - The French weekly magazine! See a translation of the write-up below for the image appearing here in this blog.
See more of Brian's work on his website listed here - and his updated Coroflot site!

"She stings herself with aesthetics

Finished aping-around at Singer: Brian Kang has created the machine for 'haute-couture'
["singe" means “ape” in French, so "singer" would become “aping”]

The Kang Sewing Machine
It is thin, white, curvy and dynamic... Such objects of sculptural beauty, evident yet strange all at once; we don't see many like this in each year. What is the reason for reinventing the sewing machine in such a way? Brian Kang, a 27 year old New York designer, unknown as of yet, explains that he wanted to give the tool a form that expresses more than just its function: not only the art of sewing, but the pleasure of creation as well. All in all, he has tightly tailored a dress to her figure. They don't make them like this at Singer, or elsewhere... It is a prototype that is not yet on the market, but according to its creator, it could be in production. Is it a stroke of genius to happen once, or the birth of a great tailor of design? We are impatiently waiting for the first industrially produced objects signed 'Kang' to hit the market.

Xavier de Jarcy"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Endrit Hanjro update & Porceain & Glass Manufacturers

Endrit has been blogged in Yanko Design

"Turn Me Upside Down

Hey now, no matter which way you orient this vase designed by Endrit Hajno, it’ll hold a flower. See, when a man comes over and brings you a dozen roses, this is the perfect vase. But what if he comes over with just one rose. First of all, dump him – that cheap ass. But being the kind person you are, you wait til’ after dinner to do so. For now, you just flip the vase over and display his single rose. Aww, bet that’ll make him feel special."

and has been getting a lot of blog press for his recent work - He can use some help from those in the industry;
Endrit is looking for prototype fabrication and possible short runs for one of his project; He notes:
" parameters: Porcelain slip, need prototypes, and possibly small runs if its worth it. 10in x 5in x 5in. Does not have to be local or US companies."
If you have had good experience with manufacturer please email me or Endrit - his site is listed above, thanks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

gnatalie Hoover McLaurin - Call for Submissions!

Natalie has passed on this call for submissions - It is a pleasure to post this here;
Call for Submissions

I Am An Important Giant will be a collaborative group installation piece that will open to the public on November 13th 2010 in the Saint Claude Arts District in New Orleans. Using scale to create the effect of importance on the viewer, the works in I Am An Important Giant will be smaller than life installations.

Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin the exhibition will explore the importance of scale and the habit of equating scale with quality in art works.

A group installation piece. The basic idea is to make the viewer feel more important using scale. This past year Natalie has been working smaller because of moving, not having a studio and shipping work to out of state shows. It made her think about scale and that the importance of art is frequently equated with its scale.

She is using the Antenna Gallery (http://www.press-street.com/antenna), in the bywater area (http://www.scadnola.com/) of New Orleans. The show will be up from November 13 to December 5th 2010. This show is a part/satellite of Prospect 1.5, the New Orleans art show (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/p1_5.html). The idea is that this will become a biennial between the international biennial (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/).

The work should be doll house scale, 1:12, so that doll house furniture can be used to help the illusion of largeness. Of course if you have something that doesn't fall with in this scale already made you should send a picture with its scale. This is a chance to make something that full scale isn't possible for you because of time, money or, space. You might gain some understanding about how important scale is or isn't to your work.

The gallery will be set up like the viewer is walking through a canyon so the work will be closer to eye level. Please feel free to pitch in any ideas about how to handle the space, the sky, or ground. I Am An Important Giant is above and beyond all else a collaboration, the more minds pitch in the better! If an artist would like to take on a larger aspect of the space, such as the layout or design, proposals will be accepted.

September 1, 2010- Submission Deadline
October 15, 2010- Work delivered/shipped to 1912 Marais St. New Orleans LA 70116

Monday, June 7, 2010

kimberly lewis - update

... and one more thing:
"Another thing that I have been doing at Clinique is working on the fashion designer partnerships that we have been doing with the gift program. So far I have worked with Trina Turk and Michelle Smith of Milly. Right now one of the bags that I helped collaborate on is available at Nordstrom. You can see it here; http://about.nordstrom.com/popup/beauty/clinique_gwp.asp?origin=bdlp

Friday, June 4, 2010

kimberly lewis

ID alum is very proud to present Kimberly Lewis - (2008 grad) a very dedicated and very professional young designer who is working happily in NYC, and I'll just copy her note directly, there is no improving upon it;

"After I graduated from Pratt in '08 I freelanced at Macy's for one summer working on print and patterns for their private line tableware. It surprises a lot of people but I got my fulltime job through the Pratt show! My current supervisor and boss at Clinique (both also pratt alum) went to the professionals night and noticed my pattern work and industrial design background. I got offered a fulltime job at Clinique in Sept 08 working on their Gift with Purchase program which is basically all of the stuff that they give away when you purchase $XX amount of product at our counter. I work on hard goods such as compacts, mirrors and accessories but my real passion is designing the prints for the makeup bags.

I love working with print and pattern so much that I am actually in the process of starting my own line of wallpaper (with a twist!) and I will keep you updated but I am not ready to reveal quite yet! It is all on the side of my fulltime job so things are slow but I have started to work with a manufacturer and it is really exciting!

I have a website with some photos of a few select pieces from my portfolio." It is at www.KimberlyLewis.net

She has a nice interview on Track Ahead

I am very happy and proud to have her with us, check out her site linked here and copied in the alum site.